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Hotel Trends. Part I


30 January 2012 at 11:00, by

Here I present different options for collaboration, none of them connected with each other, and personally I’d prefer not to make one post out of them but they deserve mention.  Nor would I go so far as to call them trends – or are they?

A series of examples that may or may not be applicable, that may or may not be copied, but fit within the fashion + hotel pairing and I think they belong here.

When we spoke of hotel stores, I mentioned the store at Hotel Standard, which considers itself at the center of New York trends, which subsequently spread worldwide.  Also, why not say it, amply connected with the world of fashion and all that goes with it.  In that light, they recently debuted a new service for clients, under the name StndAIR, that offers hydroplane transport from Manhattan to the Hamptons.

Hotel Standard’s hydroplane

Alongside diversification beyond accommodation and dining, The Standard has added complete service. The hotel + flght option has always worked. Would you do the hotel + hydroplane version?  I’m quite familiar with another hydroplane project and reading or seeing the news triggered Visual Thinking – it is an option to take into account.

I also think of the activity that can take place around an event and the need for a nearby hotel. For example, an auction house like the famous French firm Aguttes, could come to an agreement with an airline, the sort that is made for a specific convention-event (a BT). Yes, it is already done, but this would be about reinventing the formula or looking certain added values. At Aguttes (see more information here), a great collection from the world of footwear, with pieces, prototypes and drawings by the man responsible for women walking on stiletto heels, a certain Roger Viver, took place on November 30.  In all the information related to the event, I even contacted them to do further research, there was nothing about where one could stay and other relevant options.  And SPECIFICALLY ASKED FOR THAT! Business that is lost by the wayside.

Roger Vivier

And to conclude, the “store in a hotel” formula works and will always work. A case in point is Pretty Ballerinas, the footwear firm specializing in ballet shoes and flats, and its more visible outlet, Mascaró, with its opening some months ago in Barcelona’s Hotel Arts.

An excerpt from the portal

Fashion and comfort come together in a new concept store that combines the best of the three brands.

Pretty Bailarinas, from Glitter.

I have many more tips and details like this that will be mentioned in others posts so as not to make this one too long. None will reinvent the wheel but as I said at the start they are examples of what’s happening “out there,” embodying a clear fashion + hotel connection.

Images: The images are not ours. They belong to the Web sites mentioned and are subject to their own licensing rules.

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