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W Hotels and its Fashion Next Program: A Current Example of Sponsorship


9 January 2012 at 6:00, by

When we talked about a post that connected fashion with hotels, nearly the first thing that came to mind was the Fashion Weeks around the world that I mentioned in my first post, all bunched together in the same dates with fashion shows overlapping each other.

I confess that rather than think of a specific firm and its corresponding hotel, I thought of the distinctive collaborations that could exist at the margins of that, what the new trends are and in what direction the market was pointing. For my other work, a blog about shoes, I like to keep up with everything related to fashion, and recently came upon this video that I share with you.

He is Marios Schwab, designer based in London, with studies at Central Saint Martins, he provides me with an introduction to a program that W Hotels has sponsored for the past three seasons: Fashion Next.

Fashion Next.

W Hotels selects a number of up-and-coming designers, using selection criteria based on the lifestyle that W Hotels espouses, a mix of style, fashion, design, leisure, music, relax, where one breathes real passion – and a love for fashion and design that one sees very clearly under the banner of Whatever/Whenever. What’s new in the program is that this is the first year it has moved around the world.

Fashion Next Global.

What does not surprise me is that Jenné Lombardo is there. As creator of Mac and Milk, platform for designers in NY, it is enough to picture success and that she might have it through W Hotels is everything.

Jenné Lombardo.

These designers are brought along or, more accurately, pushed along by W Hotels for a year, during which time they can collaborate with the company on fashion and design projects on a world scale. Their selection is based on the Fashion Weeks of New York, London, Moscow and Bangkok – as I mentioned before this is the first year it has crossed boundaries around the world.

About the creation of W Hotels the Store, boutique stores, I better not say much or it would be a much longer post than it already is.

W Hotels Worldwide.

I don’t know of any other hotel with an initiative like this one, and I’ll leave you with Lombardo’s quote about it, “Throughout my professional trajectory, I have always sought out exclusive formats in which artists, designers and other innovators can work together.”

I’ll add that this is an example of sponsorship in the 21st century and would be really great that kind of collaboration would become the trend. I still see the connection with luxury, but with a nuance that perhaps someone who does not have access to international projection in this way can achieve it and for the hotel chain it’s not about game, it doesn’t need it. You’ll notice I haven’t uploaded photos from any of the company’s hotels, since we already associate it with luxury. What they are achieving apart from fame is W Hotels = Fashion = Sponsorship, which transmits an added value to the brand.

A curiosity about today’s post: There is a position of World Fashion Designer, in this case Jenné Lombardo, and I didn’t know the Hotel W had created this position.

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