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A Modern Marketing Strategy: The Zero Moment of Truth


18 April 2012 at 11:00, by

"Zero Moment of Truth", by Google

Times change, as do buying habits. Thanks to the Internet and the many mobile devices that we have in the market, the possibility of staying connected to the Web at all times is already a reality. Nowadays we are all digital explorers, we are looking for ratings online, reviews by specialists in the social media, videos, and details about the product as we move along in the buying cycle. Marketing has evolved and modern marketing strategies have to change together with the change in the way we buy.  As I have said in previous posts about the possibilities offered us by new buying technologies (especially in the tourist sector), I’m going to briefly explain a concept courtesy of Google that today, in the majority of a user’s purchases, there exists the “Zero Moment of the Truth”.

What is the ZMOT or the zero moment of the truth?

The ZMOT (Zero Moment of the Truth) is the moment prior to knowing a product, before all the information we look for about it on the Net, before buying it, and a key point that has to be analyzed and taken into account in our marketing strategy. Consumers navigate, investigate, explore, dream and appropriate information in order to feel confident about the purchase they make.  What’s more, the knowledge they gain is shared with others. The rules of the game have changed:

  • The decision-making stages have changed. The ZMOT is a new crucial stage that has been incorporated to the classic three-step process: stimulus, purchase and experience.
  • What before was a message is now interaction. Nowadays buyers share information they obtained about products, in their way and at their pace.
  • Mouth-to-mouth diffusion is more important than ever. For the first time in human history, the mouth-to-mouth diffusion of information is digitally archived.
  • No moment of truth can be dismissed. Consumers not only search for information on the Internet about hotels and flights, but also about excursions, nearby stores or other touristic information about the destination.
  • The moments of truth are encountering a convergence point. Mobile devices are machines of moments of truth. As the use of such devices increases, the three moments of truth begin to converge.

In addition to the searches from our computer, the revolution of mobile technology has undoubtedly meant great momentum in this direction. Now consumers have powerful tools to turn shopping habits into much more intelligent and less impulsive actions. Tablets and smartphones have become the best shopping partner for consumers.

Definitely, the times have changed and many of these users and consumers do not conceive of shopping without bringing their mobile devices. This rising trend is generating great changes in the way that consumers buy, thereby demanding more competitiveness and quality from sellers.

The ZMOT is much more extensive and complex than all of this, so I take this opportunity to recommend and share with you an introductory video, along with the complete book published by Google about the ZMOT, or “Zero Moment of the Truth,” available for free in its web

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