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Divergent Thinking and the Revolution

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6 April 2012 at 11:00, by

The revolution in thinking.

Three years ago, immersed in a product clubs project specializing in tourist destination offers, a friend asked me the reason for moving so quickly. I have the impression, I replied, that we are going from one dimension to another by way of a dimensional door in pure “Star Trek” style, and that, once you pass through, what was useful on this side will not be on the other.  It is what I felt was happening then and I remain convinced that was what happened. We’ve been on the other side a long time now and the confusion of not being able to use known models is a widespread feeling. It is no longer possible in product configuration, in serving as intermediary, or in addressing clients, who no longer seem to speak the same language, nor even is it useful for dealing professionally with colleagues. And generally it explains the weakened security of the classic manager, bastion of erstwhile profitability, who is now taken aback by the speed of the changes, by the growing importance of technology and by the continuous bombardment of new terms. It’s another world, we know, but it really is another world.

And, on this side of the door, what seems greater to me is to be present at the birth of new structures, to see how new leaders are shaped, how old alliances dissolve and new ones formed, and all this based on thinking that until now was marginal and that, in this moment, is the inspiring force of the transformation. Those who took up the baton, who intuitively adapted to the new terrain on which we began to move, are the ones who can link concepts in new ways, visualize the space from another perspective, join ends from different directions, mix resources in ways they had never been mixed, make hybrids, collaborate, seek out opportunities, share information, join forces, reduce distances both in space and in time, think creatively, meld disciplines, and all that with a staggering ease.

It is the triumph of divergent thinking, something that, without forcing anything, without any dramatic acting-out, without a need to dynamite the status quo, and without the desire for any kind of ego-building, has brought us the long-awaited revolution.

And so, in this very curious scenario, I send my greetings from the TRW Blog (Tourism Revolution Workers) in which I premiere my first post and will enjoy recounting in upcoming installments the developments, the changes, disruptions and perceived opportunities in this post-transitional new world. A personal vision, both passionate and optimistic, about the tourism business of the new era, because the revolution, much like divergent thinking, is all about perspective.

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