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You in Boston and Me Camping (Part II)

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9 July 2012 at 10:00, by


Lego with Suitcases; Minifig. Flickr

Previously in “You and Boston and Me Camping”:

We must focus on incorporating digital dynamics in the “during” so that these experiences are really attractive.

“At a campsite we can enjoy the typical suitcase tourism in bungalows, or set up our own tent…”

 “In recent years we have been seeing an increase in demand for campsites and bungalows…”

 “I’ll grab my mobile and go camping Spain.”

And now, enjoy the final chapter of “You in Boston and Me Camping”:

Monday. 9:30 a.m.

We recently decided to take a family vacation at a campsite, far from the bustle of the city and surrounded by nature.  With no desire to seek out a travel agency (more out of convenience than anything else), we sat at the computer and surfed the Net for a while, looking for a good campsite in the area. After a couple of minutes of “Googling,” we find the website of a campsite that allows us to book both bungalows and camping plots. Interesting.

Attracted by the site’s appearance and all the things it let us do, we started to make the reservation. As soon as we got going we were pleasantly surprised that along with booking the accommodation, we can book a myriad of activities: predefined experience packages, all kinds of adventure activities (excursions, diving, bike rental, etc.) and can even create our own packages. After a while I see the family is not very decisive, so for now we will only reserve the campsite for our tent. Once there, we’ll see what else we want to do.

After making our reservation, we find that the website has an application for mobile devices with information of interest about the campsite and that, moreover, we can save our reservation. This comes in handy since we don’t have to print the confirmation on paper and risk leaving it at home. So, taking full advantage of the smartphone that my wife just gave me for my birthday, I download the application and install it on the mobile phone. For now, nothing but advantages!

One Week Later…

At last the day arrives.  We’re going on vacation! We grab our bags and make way for what promises to be the best of experiences.

Once at the campsite, and after raising our tent, we have a hankering for an excursion in the mountains. I pull out my mobile and through the application that we downloaded at home, we discovered that we can have a wide variety information and can book from the palm of our hand, in a few easy steps, any activity near the campsite. Best of all is the augmented reality part of the application, which shows me the activities and experiences I can have nearby.

After a tiring day we return to the house to rest. The next day we proceed in the same way: before doing anything we plan the day with our mobile phone. That was the case every day of our campsite stay.

At the end of the holidays, we return home with the feeling of having had one of our best vacations. Not only for the amount of things we did and the good treatment we received, but because of the ease with which we could do what we wanted when we wanted.


Technological advances strengthen the tourism industry, as there are various ways to help promote and market our products and services and create an efficient tourist community. In addition, if we make use of a Cloud Computing model that offers us services through the Internet based on programs managed by the network itself, we will have information online anytime, anywhere and always up to date.

The main idea of this model is to generate profits for the members of each company, as well as their suppliers and customers, offering a greater number of services faster and more efficiently, where the key element is the transparency of the system.

Therefore, it is vitally important to break paradigms and implement quality technological services that allow us to promote improvements in the management of goods and tourist services, optimizing our internal processes in order to increase competitiveness

The technology is within reach. It is up to us decide on the path that we must take for the benefit of our businesses and tourist destinations. The decision is yours!

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