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3 steps to improve your SEO positioning through the social media


17 September 2012 at 10:00, by

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SEO positioning has become a vital subject for today’s businesses. Online presence provides opportunities that companies and hotels take advantage of to search and foster new business. In order to achieve this, they use the most beneficial tools, one of which is undoubtedly SEO positioning, a strategy we have discussed in the past and that offers the possibility to enhance hotel positioning. Today we will look at its applications on social networks.

The position obtained on the Web and the reputation acquired  are important assets for the hotel. Indeed, their importance has grown further with the appearance of social networks, as it becomes paramount to correctly manage online reputation . Therefore, we cannot neglect this issue, as positioning is crucial for companies that rely on visibility to achieve results. Out of this reason new formulas to improve hotel positioning are necessary.

We will therefore discuss three principles provided by that give advice to optimize our social media so as to enhance SEO positioning.

1. Use social networks to generate strong content ideas

The publication of high-quality contents will have a strong repercussion on the social community. This will situate our blog or web on a privileged position: if our audience is interested in our contents it will be inclined to share them which will spread them to a greater number of users, thus increasing our web presence notably.

2. Promote visits to our blog via social media networks

Presence in the social networks can increase the arrival of new visitors to our blog or web due to the fact that interesting links that are shared in social networks rank quite well on search engines. That is why it is good for your blog to be optimized by presence on social networks. A relevant case is the potential of Google Plus, as positive gradings on this social network mean a much more attractive SEO positioning.

3. Encourage the reader to share the contents

Finally, we should consider a series of aspects that will help enhance our presence among the online community. Actions like including social sharing buttons to share contents, encouraging readers to share contents if they found it especially relevant or make proper use of web presence can help maximize SEO positioning via the social media networks.

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