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Ten Suggestions for Improving Mobile Usability


22 October 2012 at 10:00, by and

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The exponential rise in mobile devices has make it necessary to adapt to mobile web navigation. The facts demonstrate that mobile web navigation has achieved an importance that must be kept in mind and will only continue along that path in coming years.  For that reason, businesses should adapt their online presence to these kinds of devices. In this case, hotels have to have mobile web version that can be comfortably navigated so the users can become clients.

Functionality takes precedence over design in this case, putting the priority on finding an agreeable experience for the user. This is the key to converting that person into a possible new client. To that end we have to adapt our content to this new kind of platform so that navigation is easy and meets user needs.  This is the concept of usability, a way of showing of our content with the ultimate end of making life easier for our users.

To achieve this goal, hotels have a series of basic principles based on which they can develop their mobile presence.  If one manages to execute the basic ideas from the website, a hotel’s mobile web presence will be better. Among the more important concepts, we note that it is best not to use large-sized images given the small dimensions nor flash animations since they will slow the website down too much. What follows is the full list of suggestions to keep in mind.

  1. Determine what is the best screen resolution for the devices of our users.
  2. Adapt websites to the proportions of the mobile web. One cannot use a conventional website on a mobile telephone screen since it will not be a “friendly” image.
  3. Simplify design so that user navigation is clearer and more comfortable.
  4. Give the option to see the conventional web page version so that users have the possibility of accessing the site’s complete content.
  5. Provide agile navigation, looking for the simplest way to show the hotel’s contents with the goal of getting the user to what he’s looking for without problems.
  6. Make use of links by way of the text, given that with mobile web one has to try to use the fewest resources possible in order not to slow down navigation.
  7. Differentiate links as much as possible. Since it is a surface of small dimensions, the links offered will have to be clearly differentiated.
  8. Simplify links, adding those that contain content necessary for the web page but which do not require excessive resources.
  9. The less the user has to write the better, since it would be too uncomfortable.
  10. Stay away from pop-up windows as well as automatically refreshing content in order not to saturate the system unnecessarily.


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