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3 creative ways to achieve customer loyalty with Instagram


19 November 2012 at 10:00, by and

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Instagram, via Pinterest.

Some time ago, we discussed the use of two social networks, Facebook and Instragram in hotels, which leads to a certain online presence that is recognised among users. It fosters a relationship between customer and company, which makes it a great opportunity to build a link to the customers and enhance the development of  the hotel’s CRM. The use of social media for hotels offers many possibilities. It has, however, been thoroughly explored and developed, which means that hotels will have to reach maximum creativity in order to stand out from the rest of their direct competitors.

In terms of creativity, there is one social network that stands out: the mobile app Instagram. An application that, thanks to the options it offers, turns every user into an experimental, creative photographer. Hotels have recognised the possibilities this tools entails and have included it in their strategic plans through social networks. Relying on their customers’ complicity and their sharing hotel contents in form of creative photography, they improve the  hotel’s reputation .

The main advantage of this tool is the room for creativity it allows, which hotels should know how to benefit from, this way turning users into perfect brand ambassadors. Today we will look at 3 key points in the effort to use this social network the best possible way and benefit from it to the maximum in terms of marketing and CRM.

1. Build your brand

This tool must be utilized as a business showcase so as to convey to the customers what the hotel has to offer. The aim is to personalise the brand, because the more involved a person feels with a brand, the better this person’s relationship with the company will be. And this again will considerably improve business opportunities.

2. Share your experience

Instagram can be used as a platform to share experiences, to show activities, services and opportunities carried out on the hotel premises. It can be seen as a way to promote the hotel’s services in a more personalised way and with an artistic touch  and not as a merely commercial tool.

3. Benefit from the power of hash tags

The use of hash tags is nothing new, as they are widely used on the social network Twitter. Using these tags will allow bringing together our photographs according to the subject that most interests the hotel and will be easily accessed by the users. As a consequence, the positioning of the hotel establishment will be improved and therefore its website visits and its chances to increase its business quota.



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