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My Hotel Receives Complaints in the Social Media: What Do I Do?


15 February 2013 at 10:00, by and

Online Reputation Management

Suggestionn Box, Flickr.

Online reputation management is an essential task for hotel operators. Knowing the opinion of clients and keeping an eye on it at all times gives us the chance to make sure our brand is not damaged. We have to be exceedingly proactive in managing our brand if we do not want any surprises that could put our business in danger.

The main source of opinion and comment on the Internet is without question the social networks. This generator of commentary has turned into a double-edged sword for hotel businesses.   It can be beneficial if users make positive comments about our installations or the contrary if the comments are negative or damaging, perhaps even provoking a crisis for our brand.

To solve these problems one can make use of professional consultants, such as Trustyou or Innwise, which offer clients the possibility of monitoring their hotel’s online presence. Nevertheless, even with this help, it is worth knowing the best ways for dealing with our most problematic followers.

As we can see at, one of the most important concepts is to not block those users who express a negative judgment about our work, which would give an unprofessional and disrespectful image to our followers. The best option is to be able to respond to complaints promptly and with understanding, trying from the start to solve the problems they might have.

Still, we can see how it can be very useful to us to have a series of guidelines that help keep the impact of a complaint to a minimum. If we can manage to conduct ourselves along these lines, our online presence will not only be much more productive and positive, but it will also improve our image in the eyes of clients.

  1. Determine the impact of the complaint.
  2. Act quickly.
  3. Contribute information, not confusion.
  4. Recognize an error with humility.
  5. Follow-up on the situation.
  6. Document the actions taken.
  7. Open non-public channels of communication.
  8. Give the user an opportunity to help you improve.


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