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Major trends in the hotel marketing field for 2014

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22 February 2014 at 6:00, by

Big Data (Bloggin Zenith)

Big Data (Bloggin Zenith)

One year has finished, but a new one has started, full of expectations for those who love to look ahead. From our experience as hotel marketing experts, it will be interesting to know: what are the main trends in the hotel marketing field going to be? Starting the new year by mentioning the Bloggin Zenith proposal for 2014: Social Networking, Mobile applications, Audiovisual contents, Big Data and many others.

IM Apps

Apps like WhatsApp, Line, Snapchat or WeChat are becoming the main protagonists of the film that used to star Facebook. Some like Line or WeChat have already established business models that allow brand and company participation, others, such as WhatsApp or Snapchat, do not. In 2014 these companies will continue to advance in their monetization strategies and become an important medium in brand communication strategies.

 SEO and social networks, inseparable friends

Until recently SEO dominated brand marketing strategies, but the experienced social media explosion sparked a series of major changes in these company’s strategies. SEO still being essential, but social networks now taking the leading role in positioning and brand image terms. In 2014 SEO and social networks will be closer than ever. Strategies such as Google move on to Google+, its social network, and changes in major search engines point in the same direction.

From photos…… to the video

In 2013 two launches marked the social network fields: Vine and Instagram Video, both products opting for short video duration to attract the user’s attention. Some brands have already begun using these applications with innovative, eye-catching videos. In 2014 this trend is likely to increase and more companies will join.

Big Data

The Big Data is not new, the term has been used over and over again in recent months but this does not mean that it is finalized. Companies applying Big Data techniques tend to be those with large research and marketing budgets, but with the downward trend in prices an explosion of small businesses flocking to data and information to refine their marketing strategies can be expected.

Transmedia storytelling

Like Big Data, the Transmedia Storytelling is nothing new in the marketing field. Although it is likely that in 2014 and in the coming years more and better storytelling examples will be seen. Continuously a greater number of devices surround us: smartphones, tablets, laptops, connected TVs, etc.. so it is now much easier for brand and company storytelling to reach customers using these devices.


Infografía mobile (eMarketer)

Infografía mobile (eMarketer)

Mobile advertising, leader in the digital field

The eMarketer said last week: growth this year in digital advertising spending is due to mobile advertising. The American research firm predicts that in 2016 the digital advertising spending will surpass offline in America.

Omni-channel Experiences

Years ago all our purchasing was conducted in a physical way, Internet changed all this, eCommerce was born offering multichannel experiences and in recent years we have gone from these initiatives to others,omni-channel, which can be defined as customer online and offline environment interactions. A trend that modifies company and brand communication and marketing strategies that is going to gain importance in 2014.

Omnichannel (eMarketer)

Omnichannel (eMarketer)

Idiso Digital

Idiso Digital

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