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Contact Centre, multi-channel – a must

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19 March 2014 at 10:00, by

Old phone ( Flickr)

Old phone ( Flickr)

Time and place is not important when you have a handheld device with Internet connection, it is with you wherever you are. A 2.0 connection (social networks, tablets, smartphones …) is in top position when we speak  about Call Centre prospects. Neither time nor space condition  customer communications with the companies, as interactivity is increasingly present. These services being much more complete and accessible now than they were years ago.

Today, customers demand brands with complete availability and personalized service, regardless on which channel the conversation is established. We talked to Santiago Espada, our expert in Contact Centre, about these developments. Some progress has been reflected in from the Spanish Contact Centre Association (ACE) highlighting the great reception, speed, instantaneity and immediate analysis of results that the  multichannel offers, largely due to the automation that has been achieved in recent years.

Their evolution is such that they have evolved from simple tools that attracted and called attention, to be a distinguishing company feature because they increase the competitiveness and enable rapid business development. The Call Centre formula is now complete. This means that it is the ideal platform to coordinate all communications-not only phones- quickly, safely, measurably and strategically. 

Santiago Espada, head of the Idiso Contact Centre expresses. “Contact Centre is no longer a single channel, it is becoming a valuable strategy ally of every channel. This new reality is a paradigm change in the traditional role of contact centres and also opens up new growth prospects, challenges and opportunities in Contact Centres, ”

Mobiles or tablets guarantee a permanent connection. Furthermore, the accessibility and social network market have noticeably changed the way that people interact with companies. Consequently, we have set up a scenario in which companies should be visible at a click or a touch of the screen 24 hours a day. 

To do this, brands need to connect with their customers through their websites or Facebook Twitter, Instagram … even allocating resources in order to design mobile applications, offering without any sales channel distinction their products and services. Any route could become an important revenue source.

Idiso and Innwise know this and is their reason for offering Idiso Contact Centre. The two awards granted by AEERCC in 2013 for the CRC  in the tourist industry and the special fastest CRC award confirm this.




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