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Metasearchers: Google experiments with its Mobile Hotel Finder version


26 March 2014 at 10:00, by

Mad scientist (Google Plus)

Mad scientist (Google Plus)

Metasearchers continue innovating and are dead set on improving their reservation platforms for their inseparable and essential fellow travellers – the mobile and all other handheld companions. Improvements in Google Hotel Finder are on the way and will permit navigation inside the hotel and at the same time offer more tools to make decisions at the time of purchase.

The increasing mobile version develpments  are not by chance.. According to a recent study by eMarketer, four out of five users  will connect to internet through their phones this year. Representing 79%,  6% more than in 2013. Google knows this and therefore acts accordingly on their metasearcher.

Tnooz, having already tried the new Hotel Finder changes  puclished, that being a hybrid model it gives users the ability to book a hotel within the interface. The basic difference between using the conventional version and the new one designed for handheld terminals is the greater mobile visibility, enabling the customer to sort the search results by price, category and location. Also, Google holds a top positioning in both versions (PC and mobile), showing that the software giant still bets on converting Google Plus in the first social network for travel sales.

Another interesting aspect in the mobile hotel search field is the integration with Google Maps, which offers a 360 degrees, both inside and outside the establishment. A tool that functions properly, loads at a good speed, and will be very useful for users who want to take a quick look around the hotel and determine its exact location.

As more and more users are going mobile to make all kinds of purchases. Google Wallet is a great example. Get store credit card information and make fast and secure payments from your email account, this experimental interface will be essential for hotels that want to compete for bookings through searches.

Moreover, from the screenshots, it is important to remember that the result only appears on the second shot,  therefore, the only way to ensure your good hotel positioning  in Google mobile is by paying.

Again, this information does not only confirm a trend: hotel direct channel and service tools like the booking engine have a new ally: metasearchers. For this reason Idiso have integrated with the leading metasearchers: Kayak, Trivago, Google Hotel Finder and Tripadvisor.

Idiso now offers Premium connectivity like TripConnect, Tripadvisor interface connection for large chains also for medium or small hotel chains and at the same time for independent hotels too.


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