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15 April 2014 at 10:00, by and

Seo y Google. Google Plus

Seo y Google. Google Plus.

The most important American online travel agencies (Expedia, Priceline, Orbitz) and the most relevant metasearcher (Kayak) – owned by Priceline – prefer organic strategies. (SEO). This is significant, since giants, like these, base their positioning in payment techniques like PPC. Jorge Simon, Innwise SEO specialist, clarifies some of the details in the article.

An article in SearchEngineJournal reaffirms this trend. It is not an easy task in a competitive, changing market where new rivals appear every minute.

The vast majority of these companies operate as aggregators giving a wide variety of offers on flights, hotels, car rentals and cruises, additionally they constantly interact with their customers on social networks and  do not neglect a booming sector such as the mobile with adapted versions for smartphones and tablets.

Furthermore, the article indicates that Expedia leads the list in 11 categories in which they have divided each search result. Leadership aside, what catches the eye is the airline ticket section, where the battle is fierce, both Expedia and Kayak have chosen to invest little or nothing to ensure a good positioning. So much so that SearchEngine Journal has found that Kayak’s investment has been zero in this category for six weeks.

Jorge Simon explains why this strategic marketing positioning decision could have been made. “The percentage of clicks on a search result decreases when a lower position is occupied, that’s obvious. But what happens when the search volume is very high?  Well, until the lowest result is able to attract such a number of visits to the site being able to generate a significant return. “

Also, he considers that neither Kayak or Expedia are interested in a dispute that would not be entirely beneficial. “Getting into a PPC battle cannot be profitable, because in the travel niche, the cost per click is very high,” he explains.

Finally, our expert predicts a quiet period for the two companies after their initial investment, which will enable them to live off investments. “Investments they have made in organic strategies, surely have not been cheap but will be long term, however once the top positions are reached, they are free of the enormous daily investment needed to fill the paying advert positions,” he concludes.

In short, it shows that big spending is not always the solution. If a long term SEO strategy is working correctly, the results are better than those obtained with payment strategies such as PPC. The rule, as always, is secured by the exceptions. Although an exception that only websites with so much traffic can “afford”.



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