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Zoom and Go: Sabre GDS New Partner that Unites all Hotel Products


29 April 2014 at 10:00, by

Aeroplane Flying. Google Plus.

Aeroplane Flying. Google Plus.

Sabre and Zoomandgo now work together to integrate a new tool that will allow the inclusion of more than 400,000 agents worldwide to the GDS through aggregators (OTAs).  Mathias Spitta, Idiso GDS expert, gives us his opinion on this new development.

The specialist believes that this is a beneficial system for the company because, according to Sabre, many travel agents make reservations ​outside the Global Distribution Systems. Spitta states that many hotels are reluctant to join these large distribution systems for economic reasons, and that this new platform offers a good alternative so that more establishments have access.

So as  to get to the GDSs  a hotel should “appear” under a code representation, this being either a chain or some company representation such as ours, many hotels are not available through this channel due to the costs .

It is a tool that complements the GDSs, not replacing them. If Zoomandgo assumed the same role, many agencies would leave the Global Distribution Systems, as they would already be present in the aggregators.“The prospects are that this solution to unite all the content on a single platform will improve results as there will be more agencies who have access to the entire GDSs contents, ” explains Spitta.

The information published in Tecnohotel asserts that the ZoomAndGo solution provides new content and capacity factor. At the same time it will strengthen the Sabre product offer and create an increase in the hotel business. It will also provide value and additional profits, which will allow a reservation comparator through Sabre and the content aggregator therefore improving the agency’s ability on making reservations and travel management efficient.

Sabre now only works with chain codes stored in the central host.  ZoomAndGo will act as content aggregator to make travel purchases. Once the product is released, previously selected agencies will try the product during the trial period (beta version),  other subscribed agencies will be able to sign an agreement to join the system.

As a workaround within the Sabre system, ZoomAndGo will give agencies the option of consulting  room prices and different facilities at any time. These results will be classified according to the type of trip requested: business (about 80%) or vacational.

Shelly Terry, Sabre Business Division Vice President, says the aim of the agreement is to benefit everybody who takes part in the hotel industry. “We want price comparators, travel agencies, suppliers and travellers to have a more complete service.

Travellers will also have a greater selection when choosing a hotel that best suits their needs,” she says.  Furthermore, she also highlights that this new platform will include maps with which agencies will be able to explore different accommodation options for different areas: streets, neighborhoods, airport codes and leisure areas.

Jonathan Haldane, ZoomAndGo President, stresses that their integration with Sabre implies new opportunities for the sector. “Joining this GDS will bring new business opportunities and greater efficiency in agency management,” he concludes. From Sabre, they hope that this new integration will benefit over 400,000 agencies worldwide.



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