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Chinese Tourism International tourism growth … sounds like double-dutch?

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8 May 2014 at 10:00, by

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AEA Westlake to Offer Chinese Language, Google Plus.

Spain received a 33% increase in Chinese visitors last year spending, each one, about 2,040 euros during their stay. With a population of over 1,300 million people, their reputation for travelling and spending should be taken advantage of. According to the last study of the World Tourism Organization (WTO) Chinese tourism is a bonanza for any host country.

The same agency reports that during the first ten months of 2013, a total of 203,400 Chinese visitors travelled to Spain, while in 2012, 80 million Chinese tourists travelled to different parts of the world. This figure is expected to rise to 100 million by 2020.  Taking this optimism into account the Jing Daily published an article announcing five predictions about the possible development of Chinese tourism during 2014:

1) Individual tourism. There is no longer much difference between the costs of a trip organized by an agency (tour packages) and a journey planned by a small group of friends or family, for this reason, independent travellers are booming.

2) Higher level. Brands must adapt and innovate at the same rate as requirements are created for their customers, possibly trends in 2013 are now out-of-date.

3) Maximum connection with social networks to interact with brands. We Chat now has over 600 million registered users in China. If companies want to attract this kind of tourist, it is essential to have a profile on this platform.

4) Thinking outside the box (offer something different). The information sources they have access to are more and more complete and accurate. Therefore, in comparison to their competitors, companies must be up-to-date and provide an innovative product or service.

5) Looking for alternatives. The Chinese are open minded when buying different items, especially luxurious ones. Many firms in this market segment have landed to stay.

Moreover, Turespaña affirms the Chinese passion for shopping with visits to parks, good food, sightseeing, cultural activities and tourism related to pampering when choosing different forms of leisure in our country:

Natural areas (60%)
Shopping (52%)
Food (48%)
Urban tourism (47%)
Arts and culture (40%)
Health and / or Beauty (30%)

Regarding tourism shopping, Value Retail, an important fashion chain, with outlets in several major cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Paris and Beijing among others, goes a step further and says that 50% of Asian shopping is done by Chinese.

They are the biggest spenders on luxury items. Their purchases represent 33% in Europe and 25% worldwide.  In a few years time it is expected that the Chinese carry out half of the global spending on luxurious items and a lot of them will do the same when they are in Europe.

With this information it is clear that China is the crown jewel for every possible tourist destination. Time will tell if the host countries take full advantage of their great economic power and taste for exclusivity.

None of this sounds like double-dutch to Idiso Boking engine, which is ready to talk to these potential customers in their own language and show them how to get to your hotel reservations. If you want your rooms and services to travel to China, do not hesitate and find out its advantages.




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