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E-commerce: are you sure security is transmitted?

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13 May 2014 at 10:00, by

Confidence. Google Plus.

Confidence. Google Plus.

Spanish travellers like to consult and buy tickets or hotel rooms online. 77% say they view information before packing. Something that directly affects consumer patterns and, ultimately, in the payment options that users demand.

The speed of Internet and technology available must go together with our product offerings and services. But in security every step must be well measured, or it will turn out to be expensive.

A Google study offered information positioning the travel industry at the top of web activities, next to fashion. This trend also holds when it comes to mobile transactions (tablets and smartphones). 28% of respondents acknowledge having bought some travel related product.

Moreover, users claim that the purchasing experience should be easy so as to improve travel experience. Although some companies and customers are still reluctant to enter the e commerce as an alternative. Mainly for security reasons. Not a petty question.

Security covers many points, starting from the moment data is taken to carry out a reservation, payment made or not through the direct channel. Tourism enterprises guarding consumer payment information must be certified to give the same guarantee to customers, and, as we mentioned not long ago in our blog, the shadow of fraud lengthens when speaking about digital purchasing.

Let’s not forget about a relationship that does not accept any infraction with our customer: trust. When it come to money this becomes even more sensitive. Having certifications, such as PCI DSS, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, the Standard Data Security for the Payment Card Industry which Idiso possesses generates confidence in the final customer. It is the first step but not the only one. What else can worry the customer?

According to a report by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), only half of the consumers are willing to share their personal information. The investigation notes that consumers have three main fears at the time of giving personal information:

1) 58% sharing their information with other companies
2) 47% of users regret after providing the data in question that they will be bombarded with advertising.
3) 38% of the participants fear that their information appears on spy networks or government control.

These are just a few facts. Now the question would be: ‘how to win and, above all, not lose that trust? And on which channels?




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