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From your pocket to our hotel: mobile reservations


15 May 2014 at 10:00, by

Mobile travel. Tnooz.com

Mobile travel. Tnooz.com

Making hotel room reservations on mobile devices doesn’t seem to have any limit. Hotel room purchasing on smartphones and tablets generated 8 billion dollars in 2013 from 3 billion in 2012, representing a growth of 160% in turnover.

Booking data shows that customers are no longer satisfied with just travelling to the hotel with their Smartphone or tablet in a literal sense, but also being able to make a reservation using these devices, meaning it is used by them at all stages of their journey.

Proof of this is that in 2011, when mobile usability was not so widespread, 1,000 million was invoiced, far from negligible, but nearly insignificant compared to 8,000 million in 2013.Moreover, a change in trends regarding the use of these devices has also been detected. In the beginning they were used for last minute bookings, now, they are used for carrying out searches and planning all the stages of a journey.

Paul Hennessy, Booking Executive Director, reaffirms this new scenario. “From previously being used for last minute bookings, an increase has now been seen in mobile usage for making reservations, so it is understood that we must go on striving to give good service throughout the buying process,”  he explains.

Idiso follows the latest trends and applies them to their technology. For this reason Idiso Booking Engine mobile was lauched, a booking engine integrated with the hotel website domain, adaptable to the website format and the corporate image look & feel.

Other important features of this product include:

Mobile Booking engine WebApp version. Multi-device
Geolocation. Hotels nearby. Interactive map with the hotel’s location.
‘Hotel Directory’ Module
Instant booking for tonight
Promotional Banner
Availability by area, price indication “from” cheapest available “real” and bookable

Business origin control (country and province / state) from IP Navigation for restricted market rates.

Hotel description and map with photo (mini window) to consult without leaving the reservation. Online content management (picture and text) Product (Bed and Breakfast), from Idiso CRS
Rate information conditions, visible and accessible from the availability display throughout the booking process
3 step check out process
Customized types of credit / debit cards
Sales reports and web analytics. Follow-upsales reports through Idiso Analytics

Responsive Design website is essential. Intuitive, visual, conversion orientated thanks to its optimal usability and easy navigation. At the same time achieving positive positioning in Google. The search engine rewards domains having an optimized version for mobiles by giving them better search results. A fact that is still quite strange, only a 6% of the companies have a website tailored to these handheld devices, according to the software giant. 





Optimizamos tu estrategia de comercialización online mediante una eficiente gestión de canales de distribución, buscando a través de un revenue management un resultado final rentable siempre como objetivo. Ponemos a tu disposición un amplio paquete de soluciones de emarketing.

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