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5 June 2014 at 10:00, by

Beautiful. Google Plus.

Beautiful. Google Plus.

When the image and the text match, everything is easier.. Travel procedures through Global Distribution Systems (GDS) had a 2.8% worldwide growth during the first third of this year, with respect to the same period of 2013.

This growth being mainly due to the increase in business trips and their duration which is normally a little over two days.

Depending on the continent, Europe leads the increase with 5.4%, while North and South America have seen journeys organized through these tools reduced: 4.6%, in the North and 3% in the South. No great change has been registered regarding Africa, Asia and Oceania.

Business Travel News reflects figures directly effecting average daily rates (ADR), which show an increase of nearly 4% in the American continent. Forecasts predict that this trend in reservations via GDS will stay the same during May, but will decrease in June and July, coinciding with the figures for the same period last year.

Maybe to regulate figures hotels should emphasize on the images and texts describing their website offers as this is an essential aspect, according to Microsoft users sometimes only stay on a page for a few seconds. Leonardo website has given seven tips on how to achieve the balance between image and text quality on their hotel webpage.

1) A warm welcome. The user should feel invited to make a virtual visit of the hotel. Highlighting the hotel’s strong points and its location could be a good starting point. Furthermore, special attention should be paid to any complementary facility like breakfast and free Wi-Fi connection. Everything that could mean an added value with respect to competitors like flexibility in check in/out, fresh basket of fruit in the room on arrival, computer room for business travellers or the pool for leisure guests.

2) Differentiate room types. This is the first thing potential customers look at so is the reason why it is enormously important to emphazise the visual aspect,  highlighting different room characteristics. Anything not appearing in the images,  for example bathrooms or minibars, should be mentioned in the text.

3) The potential guest should be enticed to choose a superior category room. Travellers, especially leisure, normally choose more exclusive options, for this reason the descriptions and photos must assure them the extra cost is well worth it.

4) Highlighting details. Characteristics that differentiate your hotel from competitors. As every establishment has a well defined target all the services that are sure to be popular should be included here, for example  Manager’s happy hour, children’s clubs or special discounts on some excursion or local sighseeing tours.

5) Personalized attention for special guests. Meeting rooms should be described for the business guests including all their facilities: capacity, equipment etc.

6) The importance of dining room service. With special attention to breakfast, but without neglecting other meals.

7) Create attractive image texts.  Codes, abbreviations and generic language should be avoided and there should not be more than three to six words giving a precise description below each photo.



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