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Google Glass and the tourism sector, a promising duo


10 June 2014 at 10:00, by

Smiling and using Google Glass. Google Plus.

Smiling and using Google Glass. Google Plus.

Google Glass uses is extending and reaching the industry. Booking hotels through them is possible. Destinia has created the Hotel Near Me application that permits making reservations in more than the 200,000 establishments offered by the Online Travel Agency (OTA).

The tool works as follows: the user can search wherever they are because the GPS is activated automatically and shows the different establishments in the area and the possibility to browse a rate and category list. Values ​​that the customer has the ability to sort by convenience.

In addition, the glasses will read a short description and show photos of the hotels. If the user chooses to make a reservation the application guides guests to the hotel, and even makes a phone connection with Destinia to confirm the reservation.

All this is done from Google Glass, meaning, this is the first contact to see how responsive the software giant lenses act as a booking channel. Tnooz, which collects information stresses that Hotel Near Me is still being tested and pending approval from Google.

OTAs counted on the collaboration from the Glob3 Mobile Company for its development.  As for the language, at the moment only available in English as this is the Google Glasses configured language by default – not on sale yet.

Amuda Goueli CEO Destinia, highlights this development’s innovative character and its importance in the industry. “Technology is revolutionizing tourism, making the traveller’s day-to-day easier. Companies must always think ahead about their customers needs, ” he explains.

Various tests have been carried out on these orginal glasses to demonstrate their usefulness in this sector.  Droiders, an application development enterprise,  has released an app allowing the control of room equipment: for example the lights, faucets or air conditioning, according to the publication in Portaltic, Europa Press. Concierge also permits room service use through Google Glasses. Orders made and received on the staff’s tablets.

Droiders have also developed IlusionAR, which enables virtual travel through augmented reality technology by saying “Ok, Glasses, going to the Caribbean,” for example. The user can then see, in 360 degrees, places that are miles away. Droiders has approval from Google to develop applications for their glasses, still in beta phase.

Moreover, if we talk about specific hotel chains, Starwood Hotels & Resorts bet on the implementation of Glasses as a lure to retain customers, stated by the website. The publication notes that the glasses will become the standard of the Starwood Preferred Guest programme group. In fact, they have already launched an application similar to Near Me, but only with the local brand, among which includes the W Barcelona.

The hotel group hopes to identify system advantages and shortcomings from the first users reviews with this pilot test before the Google Glasses are put on the market. The star product of the technological multinational will begin to be marketed later this year for about 1,100 euros each.

Never better said not to loose sight of the Google Glasses evolution and their implications in the hotel industry, everything indicates that the relationship eill be very positive.



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