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Reservations through the direct channel gain positions


26 June 2014 at 6:00, by

Direct reservations, Google Plus.

Direct reservations, Google Plus.

More than 300 professionals received 30% of their reservations through the direct channel, making reservations on the hotel’s website is becoming a more and more a common practice.

Leonardo website commented on this information from HSMAI’s latest research data:

This study comments, in addition to the direct booking impact, things like traffic on the local websites, OTAs role and the prospects for such a technological as well as changing industry. Traffic on the web. 51% of the hotel websites record 10,000 visitors per month, and at least 25% receive 25,000 comments per month. This Is a good indicator so as to know the domain strengths and at the same time any aspects that could be improved.

Furthermore, the analysis also emphasizes on the  traffic created from the search engines. 28% of the participants say that over 60% of the visitors come from online searches. A figure which confirms the organic positioning (SEO)usage as a resource so hotels gain visibility and therefore reservations.

Regarding mobile traffic (smartphones and tablets), the results are curious: a lot of visitors are attracted but few conversions take place. 62% of the hoteliers surveyed stated that only 5% of website visits finalized in reservations.

A low percentage which is confirmed in a recent Google study.  The first search is made on these devices however the final decision is carried out on more consolidated channels.

As for direct bookings, the research concludes that hotel chains with higher rates double their competitors investment in digital marketing. This is the only way to explain why only 30% of the hotels turnover comes from reservations through the direct channel according to 33% of the respondents, whereas, reservations through the direct channel resulted in only 5% of the turnover for another group of participants.

HSMAI also offers a number of tips in order to face up to the new demands of customers and the industry:

Every euro of the marketing budget should be carefully invested. This study emphasizes that now is the perfect moment to implement tools so as to be able to track reservations minute by minute therefore anticipate guests’ requirements and their behavior.

– The OTAs are valuable. Independent hotels benefit more from the Billboard Effect, as having a strong presence Online Travel Agents webs can result in reservations on the hotel website.

Improve the customer experience on your website is crucial. Sometimes professionals make the mistake of perfectioning other sales channels which is a tremendous error, taming into account the current trends. Enhancing the potential guest’s usability and smooth navigation during their visit to the hotel website may increase reservations.

–  Avoid distraction with new and shiny objectives. Highlight and strengthen all the elements that can helpfinalize reservations is essential.  Changes can always be made but there must be a quick reaction if they do not work and the initial plan must be returned to.

– Demand more transparency from the marketing agencies, requesting access to Google Analytics so that the hotel can follow up all campaigns.

Summarizing, the direct channel involves more work and dedication but, once established, profits come. Although not immediately.






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