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Contact Centre: tendencies that will help you stand out from the competition


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Customer services can never take time off, not even during the holidays. Modernization is unstoppable. User needs and behaviours predict an increase in values like multi-channels, instant key word detection and a decline in Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technologies.

Contact Centre services are constantly adding new benefits to what they offer your hotel, and we are not talking about mere switchboards. These platforms are undergoing a technological renovation, providing improvements that are more sophisticated all the time. This is what claims. The publication has put together a list of six keys that show a clear before and after in the customer service field.

1) Real time analytics. The enhancement of voice recognition programs means that some solutions already detect key words and parts of the conversation where the consumer attempts to emphasize their message.

2) Proactive and personalised interaction. The precision of Contact Centre services makes the treatment of each client into a unique experience. Each client counts, and to show this, there is no better strategy than personalization. It allows us to know the user and their preferences better, and improve the feedback between parties as well as the loyalty between hotel and guest.

3) Mobile consolidation. This is a differential feature when up against other companies in the sector. The mass use of smartphones and tablets forces companies to offer users the chance to communicate using these devices as well. To achieve excellence in the sector also involves the development of apps to contextualise the client’s request and centre their experience on a service that is equally satisfactory from any portable device.

4) Service outsourcing to the cloud. A rising tendency that allows quicker access and improved management when controlling the volume of calls that are generated.

5) Multi-channels and social networks. This joint strategy for introducing social media offers a wide range of possibilities to the consumer who can choose which channel they want to use, check the company’s profile and have a better experience from any medium or device.

6) Decrease in the use of IVR systems. These are tools that are still used, especially by smaller corporations and in simple situations. However, this interactive response software loses points when the user’s demands or problems are more complex. A machine can hardly reach the same degree of rationality as a human; neither can it show understanding or empathy. Our Idiso Contact Centre department knows how to make a difference. It boasts more than 15 years’ experience in the sector and we deal with your hotel’s clients quickly and efficiently. As is proved by the two Golden CRC awards that we received in the last 2013 edition, in recognition of our track record.




En Idiso somos mucho más que proveedores tecnológicos; nuestra misión es aportar valor a nuestros clientes. Queremos convertirnos en THE GLOBAL HOTEL SALES PARTNER, maximizando los ingresos del hotelero gracias a nuestras soluciones de distribución y comercialización 360º.

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