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ORM: each review is important (Part II)


4 September 2014 at 10:00, by and


Reputación online, Google Plus.

Reputación online, Google Plus.

After a first approach, Gastón Richter, specialist in Online Reputation Management (ORM) at Innwise, provides us with the necessary keys to answer guest’s comments effectively. The specialist, also opts for a significant technological advance that supports management in this area.

- What response patterns are there when it comes to answering a negative comment? And a positive one?

Common sense demands that hoteliers always show empathy when faced with problems or complaints reported by clients, however absurd these seem. It is not a case of giving in but of showing genuine interest in the client’s well-being and trying to positively influence the opinion of other users, as they could be potential hotel guests.

When a complaint is registered, the hotelier must respond, detailing what has been done or is being done to solve the problem. It is important to clearly show other readers and Internet users that this problem has been resolved and won’t happen again.

On the other hand, all positive comments deserve acknowledgement from the hotel. This is what is normally done when one receives praise, isn’t it?

-Is it necessary to respond to all reviews or can some be ignored?

Negative comments should always be answered. In fact, it is preferable that the answer be given within 48hrs of the post being published. Cases that demand a more detailed investigation can justify a longer period. Personally, I would never ignore a comment, but it is true that we don’t always have enough time to answer all comments. If this is the case I would ignore those that seem less relevant because they provide little or no important information for other users.

-¿Which hotel services tend to be rated the best? And the worst?

There is no clear, defined pattern in this regard. It varies from one hotel to another and sometimes even from one season to another in the same hotel. We can however, claim that service (understood as customer attention and advice) is a key element in practically all hotels, independent of their category, area or type of guests. In many cases clients show certain tolerance regarding structural faults of the hotel, or service deficiencies caused by high occupancy, but no one tolerates the staff’s brushing a problem aside or their inability to resolve it.

- What future prospects does ORM have? Where is it heading? (Improvements, tendencies, etc.)

Online Reputation Management has become an integral part of a hotel’s marketing and communications management.

In fact, it will probably evolve until it reaches its own status within the hotel’s organizational structure. At a technological level, the sector’s expectations are evolving towards systems or platforms that include a management module as well as sending post stay satisfaction surveys, which will also allow for a direct integration with the Hotel’s PMS so as to send these automatically. Equally there is a demand for professionals with certain knowledge and experience in reputation management. Finally, there is a need to always remember that online reputation offers endless commercial opportunities, but also involves certain risks that one must know how to manage correctly.


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