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Google AdWord campaigns: vitamins for your direct channel

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16 October 2014 at 10:39, by

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Vitamines Google Plus

Every day more and more hotels want to overtake the competition and increase visits to their own website, the direct channel

A large number of visits, on the one hand, means a lot of potential clients, and on the other hand boosts the website’s organic positioning. Basis elements to generate visits to one’s website are key words and adverts included in SEM campaigns.

It is also essential to optimize these tools through constant analysis of the searches and the terms selected by users. The first basic step is to select a list of efficient key words that represent the hotel’s features and services. The most used tool by advertisers is the Google AdWords keyword planner.

Planificador palabras clave Google Adwords

 Google Adwords Key Word Planner Google Adwords


We need to think as our target market would and simulate a search related to the services we aim to promote. After selecting the language and country we aim to reach, the Planner provides us with a list of terms related to our search along with the search volume for the last 30 days.

Planificador 2

Keyword planner 2, Google Adwords

Now we need to choose the most relevant and searched for terms, once we have them, we can create precise campaigns, adapted to our needs. We now have proof that users are going to search for the key words we have chosen. Apart from key words, campaigns need interesting and attractive adverts. So we will need to include everything that makes our hotel unique, the location, or quality of the facilities, to name just a few. Remember: no middle man will sell the hotel better that it’s owner.

Posada Terra Santa extensions, Google

Posada Terra Santa extensions, Google

To create original adverts that will stand out, it is a good idea to include prices and offers that are available on the website. Giving the users this information will encourage them to visit the website, this will increase traffic. Once we have good adverts and relevant key words, we are almost there, we just need to optimize and follow up. Google AdWords provides us with the most and least used search terms.


Word research, Google Adwords

Word research, Google Adwords

If we routinely check this list we can chose new key words and also select negative keywords. Adding negative keywords is an important part of the campaign as it prevents the advert showing up in searches that aren’t relevant and have nothing to do with our advert, this way we will only attract suitable traffic. To increase your hotel’s reach and the website’s traffic, we must also consider promoting the hotel’s added values, for example:

  • adult only hotel
  • city centre hotel
  • hotel with spa
  • family hotel
  • hotel with car park

This type of keywords help us reach new searches and bring more traffic to our website. At the same time we can increase the traffic volume and the hotel’s profile. In summary, the essential ingredients for attracting traffic to our website are:

  • Choose good keywords
  • Design relevant and attractive adverts.
  • Constantly optimize using search term analysis.
  • Promote the hotel’s added values.

If your hotel needs to attract more quality traffic or to reach any other goal, here at

we can propose a SEM strategy that fits your needs.

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