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8 digital marketing trends ready to take over during 2015


23 December 2014 at 10:00, by


Marketing trends 2015, Google Plus.

With just a few days to go before the end of the year, now is a good time to take a look at the way things are set to go in the digital marketing world during 2015.

The new direction is aimed at exclusivity of content, technology and strengthening mobile devices, among other issues.

Forbes has published a list with eight elements that need to be taken into account in this field.

1) Authenticity. Even though it is a very broad term, here it refers to exclusivity of content and the ability to innovate. In other words, the company’s ability to offer added value for their product and service range that will make them stand out from the competition.

2) Influencers. During the next 365 days, this debate will go on as everyone has something to say on the subject. However, it is all pointing to the fact that a good equipment manager or even an opinion leader can help place the brand above all others in the sector.

3) Inbound marketing. A typology based on non-intrusive techniques. That is to say, it is the users who search for a certain company and not the other way around. Companies can, however, encourage this with resources such as SEO, a presence in the social networks or web analytics. Its aim is to motivate conversion into sales until reaching the point where the figures allow for a good ROI.

4)  Technology, proving the company is cutting-edge. In a society that is used to interactivity, this is a tool that can really make a company stand out from the highly competitive surroundings.

5)  Websites optimized for mobile devices. Traffic via smart phones or tablets is growing daily. In fact, a recent eMarketer study confirmed that 18% of searches made with these devices end in a sale. A percentage that is sure to rise as there are now a billion smart phones worldwide.

6) Pre-targeting. The use of Big Data to predict users’ preferences is basic when anticipating future behaviour, as is reported in the digital magazine Say Daily.

7) Content that is more visual than ever. The use of storylines is going to skyrocket thanks, in part, to the proliferation of HD cameras, like the popular GoPro and others similar. These resources, thanks to their large impact, favour user engagement.

8)Wearable devices. These have come to stay and can be applied in different sectors and activities. So much so that an investigation made by Accentur discovered that more than 50% of consumers intend to purchase such technology within the next five years.

At Innwise, as experts in digital marketing, we are always alert to the development of all the latest trends in the hotel sector, so we can apply them to your hotel’s strategy.




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