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Mobile phone and hotel contact centre: the perfect pairing


9 December 2014 at 10:00, by

Mobile contact center

Mobile contact center

The use of Smartphones and tablets is unstoppable. Reservations through these devices are growing 10 times quicker than those made on desktop devices and already represent 21% of hotel bookings worldwide.

The mobile is now a key access point right from the beginning of the booking process, making up for 25% of all online holiday searches. And, if they look for us with mobile phones, we will need to respond to be needs of the mobile consumer: having a responsive web, a booking engine with geo-localization features, nearby hotels, instant booking, etc.

When it comes to the importance of the mobile channel for the hotelier, figures speak for themselves, but when talking about mobiles, we can’t forget the original purpose of these devices, to make phone calls. Therefore, if a web design and booking engine is optimized for the mobile phone, and you add to this a contact centre that specializes in hotel sales, we will have the perfect answer for booking conversion on this channel.

The call of mobile clients

Our client has a phone and is willing to use it. However, some factors influence the booking process with a smartphone; these can make the user experience slightly unsatisfactory. We are talking about limitations due to the size of the screen that can make it harder for a user who wants to finalize a booking. In this sense, the capability of quick, personalized attention that comes with a call centre, allows a client to resolve any queries and finalise the booking in a few seconds.

Therefore, it is not surprising that a high percentage of all mobile searches, around 70%, end up pressing the call button for the hotel’s contact centre. This confirms the importance of having a call option for mobile users. What’s more, the elevated number of users who are willing to book, demands that this telephone option be there, as the contact centre makes the business seem more transparent and improves brand image. The need has been created for this complementary channel to achieve full client satisfaction.

But…what other advantages does a specialised hotel contact centre add?

We begin by dealing with the issue within the first contact. We are not talking about speed but quality. It is not a case of being the first to reach the headphones, but to help the client see that we are the quickest in solving their demands, without passing the call from one operative to another. Having people with plenty of hotel Know How will make you stand out: this involves knowing booking language as well as the product, the hotel.

“Speaking as a hotelier involves knowing booking language”

The human team in a contact centre must be constantly trained with innovative sales tactics to achieve the most number of conversions; they will also have the appropriate number of staff at all times to attend to the varying volume of incoming calls.

When it comes to languages, language difficulties can mean that users refuse to call companies that are unable to provide the information needed in the required language. In these cases, having a number for client support with the client’s country code, where they will be dealt with in their language, will complete the service.

Mobile users need something, and they need it now. Therefore, it is of vital importance to offer a totally personalized service, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. This will increase brand value and inspire trust, making the service the most professional as possible.

Finally, other fundamental benefits derived from a contact centre are; that it helps increase prices of the average booking, as a booking agent must be specially trained to help clients to book additional services for their stay. It will also be key when increasing cross-selling, which can take place between different hotels of a same chain, or up-selling, when an agent offers the client additional services that can make the clients stay more satisfying.

Taking all this into account the contact centre service becomes the strongest extension for hotel sales, improving the call conversion rate, not just for that channel, but also maximizing the booking engine conversion rate: if we help resolve a possible doubt during the purchase process, the client will be closer to finishing their reservation through the channel they first selected.

At Idiso Contact Centre, we are recognized specialists in the hotel sector; therefore, year after year we are awarded the Golden CRC award for the best Contact Centre in the Tourist sector. Our latest award came on the 8th of October from the AEERC Association, a price for our hotel client service, and or course, our mobile platform.


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