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Technology and tourism: revolution on the go


22 January 2015 at 10:00, by

Technological revolution, Google Plus.

Technological revolution, Google Plus.

Drones, 3D printers or the GoPro camera, are all going to take the travel industry into a Matrix like dimension. 2015 will be marked by virtual reality and unique experiences for many tourists, thanks to multiple devices.

4Hoteliers provides us with a list of 6 technological advances that will transform the industry as we know it today.

1)    Virtual reality glasses (Oculus Rift). They recreate a stereo, 3D vision with great depth, different to television 3D tech as the images are presented to each eye. With this device, travellers will be able to use 360º tours to check out a room before booking.

2)    Alexa Echo by Amazon. A speaker that is capable of voice recognition, meaning it can be configured to help guests during their stay, a kind of virtual concierge.

3)    3D printers. Clients won’t need to worry about leaving their Smartphone charger at home, or there mask and snorkel in the hotel, because they can be reproduced instantly. Also, thanks to these printers, even hotel designers can create exact replicas of the rooms and banquet halls.

4)    GoPro cameras. These are opening up a whole new world of possibilities. They provide innovative ways of selling destinations and holidays, thanks to the astonishing images they capture. They may even slowly replace traditional leaflets.

5)   Narrative Cameras. Users can capture the moment without having to open any apps on their mobile device. Their gradual implementation will change the way of taking selfies, time lapses and of uploading photos to Instagram, as there are only two functions: turn on and turn off. These cameras automatically take two photos a minute.

6)     Drones. The high quality aerial shots these provide are a great added value to visitors of the areas promoted by videos made using these devices.

Moreover, the Boutique Hotel News portal, highlights that tech enables tourists to access massive amounts of information. They consider it has had a fundamental role to play in enabling users with a medium spending power to travel to new destinations. In other eras only those with deeper pockets were able to do so.

The publication also agrees that the future of the industry will be greatly influenced by wearable technology. Items travellers wear, say a bracelet, which allow them to capture special moments or to purchase an item.

It is evident that technology has still not reached its limits. Something that travellers can make the most of as the relationship between innovation and the tourist sector is solid and long-lasting. Here at Idiso we are a part of it as we stay well informed on all the latest trends in hotel distribution

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