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Luis del Olmo, Idiso’s Chairman, talks about global distribution


27 February 2015 at 10:00, by

Luis del Olmo, Idiso's chairman

Luis del Olmo, Idiso’s chairman

Technology has become the key element for hotel distribution, destinations and tourist products”

Luis del Olmo, Chairman of Idiso Hotel Distribution, analyses the present day situation of hotel distribution in this interview. Del Olmo considers that this area is changing and that one of the basic factors that generate this technological development is that of achieving total, real time, knowledge of the relationship that the client has with a brand, or hotel in particular and destination or tourist products through CRM and loyalty programs.”

After taking part in the latest international fairs, what is your opinion of the development of the global hotel sector?

What I’ve perceived is confirmed by the trends over the last five years: tour operators and traditional travel agents are adapting to a new consumer, as well as the appearance of new distribution technologies in a market that is becoming more global all the time. Since Internet appeared and mobility in communications and information began, they have to compete more and more with the technological distribution companies, the OTAs.

This means that the hotel commercialization world is changing and that technology has become a key element in hotel commercialization and distribution.

What is for sure is that the consumer is the one who will make us more digital because they will demand better facilities to access tourist products and services anytime and anywhere.

But we are still in a migration phase in which the development of technological applications will force owners or hotel managers to make important investments in development, training and will require a constant update in marketing and online commercialization strategies, what I would call: total digital adaptation. The services that Idiso Hotel Distribution offers the hotel world, answer precisely that need, whether it is for chains or independent, national, international, vocational or urban hotels.

Where do you feel the hotel distribution business and their strategies are headed?

Idiso Hotel Distribution’s main purpose is to be a leader at all times in the technological development, answering the constantly developing needs of all our clients: tourists, business travellers, travel agents as well as on and offline tour operators. Our strategic plan is to be able to offer 360º bookings and sell any room the hotel wants on all the channels. In this sense, I have been surprised to see that we are possibly more competitive than we thought.

I am referring to the fact that some of our competitors in the USA have focused on web and mobile development very successfully, however, they have not integrated the CRS into this process, and this is the nucleus of our true business: loyalty based on client knowledge. The key to achieve this development, in which we have already completed a few steps, is to have total knowledge of the relationship a client has with the hotel and the brand through CRM and loyalty programs.

Do you expect any specific changes in the Spanish market that will differ from global development?

In Spain, the second tourist destination worldwide, we are accelerating the use of technology in the hotel commercialization process, as well as the tourist offer, and we have a great chance at becoming a distribution leader. We have the knowhow, the talent in our universities and TIC companies, and above all we have the product and the entrepreneurs in the business world to take it forward.

And I am convinced that here at Idiso Hotel Distribution we have a lot to contribute to this process because every day more hotel clients trust in us and the products and services we offer, that allows them, after a very short time to compete among all the distribution channels and connect with all their clients on a global level, what in marketing is known as a Silver Bullet.

What do you feel are the main features of Idiso’s Hotel Distribution products and services, and what competitive advantages do they give your clients?

Our Idiso CRS system is a solid, well-integrated system that allows us to provide 360º hotel distribution services. It makes us different. We are probably one of the best companies, when it comes to CRS development that has set up on the market. But areas like CRM, loyalty and quality, in which the hotel needs to improve their own sales capacity will help us.

Our next challenge is to offer a totally integrated system both on a PMS-CRS level as the totality of access to social networks along with the database and the CRM. Simply put: the total knowledge of our client’s needs and this way obtaining their loyalty.

Our Idiso CRS system is a solid well-integrated system that allows us to provide 360º hotel distribution services. It makes us different



Idiso is much more than a technological service provider. Our mission is to provide real value to our clients. We want to become THE GLOBAL HOTEL SALES PARTNER, helping hoteliers sell more and better thanks to our 360º distribution and marketing solutions.

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