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Adapting hotel distribution to the new traveller


10 March 2015 at 9:00, by

Businessman at the Airport --- Image by © Randy Faris/Corbis.

Businessman at the Airport — Image by © Randy Faris/Corbis.

In this era of connectivity, and information flow the hotel sector continues to mould itself to the needs of guests who are constantly connected to multiple devices.

The field of hotel distribution finds itself immersed in a process of segmentation and personalization of its services, in which web analytics or Big Data, among other elements are going to take the lead during 2015.

Tnooz displays an info graphic that has been put together by the technological provider eRevMax, to encapsulate these tendencies:

1) The unstoppable climb of Big Data. With millions of pieces of data circulating the Internet every second, it is essential for an accommodation establishment to possess the adequate means to examine and process this immense amount of information. In fact, according to forecasts made by the technological companies, establishments that firmly opt for Big Data will perceive improvements of up to 41% in the profitability of their accommodation during the next three years. This estimate contrasts with the 25% of loss that eRevMax predicts for hotels that collect little data and make poor analysis of it. Big Data helps us to get to know our clients better. Knowing more details about their behaviours and preferences is a great help to the hotel. This way they can make promotion and sale strategies more precise on every level.

2) Web Analytics needed to increase income. Correct action in this regard in this area translates into an increase of between 10 and 20% in the hotel’s benefits. Therefore, implementing the business intelligence tools can add resources that will achieve a more detailed vision of the market and the main competitors. This also increases the efficiency of strategic decisions.

3) Personalization. Deal with guests in a way that makes them feel unique. This is non-negotiable. The info graph highlights that 78% of all guests claim that they like this more individualized content. Along the same lines, 54% point out that this type of offer incites a larger level of engagement than standard publicity.

4) Mobile bookings are the protagonists according to the eRevMax data, 21% of hotel reservations are made via smart phones or tablets. And that’s not all: 76% of travellers consider their smartphone to be an essential part of every day life. The mass use of these devices and of tablets means that every day more Online Travel Agents and hotel chains accept payments using platforms such as Apple Pay.

5) Multi-device connection. These are an unquestionable reality. Three figures for those who still aren’t sure: 75% of Millennials (youths between 18 and 35 years old) use three devices or more to access the internet, 45% of travellers take at least two devices with them, and 52% of those surveyed use various of these devices to complete an online purchase.

Infographic eRevMax

Infographic eRevMax


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