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Apple Watch: transforming and simplifying your stay


23 March 2015 at 9:41, by

Apple Watch, Google Plus.

Apple Watch, Google Plus.

The most expected wearable device on the market, the Apple Watch, will allow you to open your room door, check your booking details and even pay your bill.

Large chains and agents in the sector, such as TripAdvisor have already developed apps for this revolutionary watch, and it’s not even going to be available to buy until the 24th of April. They are not willing to miss the boat with this trend!

Here are some examples:

1) TripAdvisor on your wrist. TripAdvisor in the palm of your hand, literally, helping you find all those hidden gems and make great plans during your next trip. Find information regarding hundreds of restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions and all the places you just have to visit. And, thanks to Instant Booking, a solution that Idiso, being a connectivity partner with the meta-search engine, can avail itself of, you can also use the App to make direct bookings. The advantage of using instant booking is that there are no fixed fees. You only pay a commission for sales you have generated. Apart from that, you will always be in the top position. The Instant Booking option is the first booking option, ahead of OTAs, so there’s a better conversion rate. Travellers can make their booking without leaving TripAdvisor. You will also gain direct contact with the client; Idiso will send you the client’s details.

2) Starwood Hotels: watch; open the door. Skift reports how Apple’s brand-new technology will allow guests to forget traditional keys for their hotel rooms. The company plans to extend their SPG keyless system that works with smartphones, so Apple Watch users can use it too. Chris Holdren, the vice-president, assures us that the hotel chain is really excited about this progress. “We feel that giving guests the chance to open their room door with this device really breaks the mold” he explains.

3) Marriot Hotels: the wallet-watch. No need to get out your wallet or even the plastic to pay for your stay. An Apple Watch will be all you need, as this hotel chain has announced that it will provide compatibility and synchrony with this device and the Apple Pay platform. A simple turn of the wrist and you are all paid up! The chain’s vice president, George Corbin, explains how integration with Apple Pay answers client’s new needs. “Almost 75% of our guests travel with one or more mobile device, this percentage is even higher among the younger segment, those between 25 and 35 years of age”.

4) Accor Hotels: the multilingual watch. There will be up to 10 languages to choose from. Like their competitors, they are looking at the use of the Apple Watch as an extension to the services they already offer for smartphones and tablets. The app will allow guests to: receive echeck-in alerts, access any information they need from their bookings: arrival date, number of nights, number of peoples, find information regarding the hotel’s services (free Wi-Fi, parking, spa, pool, etc.), check out interactive maps and itineraries to help them find the hotel, weather updates, as well as see the details of their LE Club Accorhotel’s loyalty card, it’s statutes and how many points they have. VP of E-commerce and “mobile first” director Romain Roulleau, reports in Nexotur regarding the implications of the arrival of Apple Watch. “Once the Accorhotel app for Apple watch is launched, the Accor Group will stand out as a major player in digital hospitality. The initiative is intended to work alongside the transformation of the client’s mobile behavior”. Roulleau also highlights Accor’s “attitude of continual progress when faced with this market trend, to provide their clients with an added value service before, during and after their stay”.

Apple Watch isn’t even on the market yet, but its launch was announced some time ago. So for many of us it doesn’t feel like it hasn’t arrived yet, rather it feels like it never left.



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