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18 March 2015 at 9:00, by

We love customers, Google Plus.

We love customers, Google Plus.

We often hear the saying “ the client is king”, this applies to any hotel or any other company for that matter, but it is not easy to earn their loyalty. Guest loyalty goes way beyond a client signing up as a member of a specific program. They must be completely satisfied on all levels. Otherwise, this aspiring monarch may never even become a prince!

We find the feelings and recommendations of Jim Holthouser, vice-president and brand manager for Embassy Suites Hotels in the following report made by Hotelexecutive:

1) Create a brand identity, especially if it is a large chain. The guests must be able to identify the essence and features of each and every establishment of a specific hotel chain, regardless of where it is located.

2) Take special care of returning customers. Use monitoring and CRM systems to identify these clients and show your gratitude, how can this be done? Knowledge, according to Holthouser, is the key; this involves knowing more about the client’s preferences. This way, you can offer them personalized offers and services during the time they are guests in the hotel.

3) Innovate and surprise, a valid reminder even though it may seem obvious. One must determine a long-term strategy detailing when to introduce slow but progressive modifications in different areas and departments of the hotels. It is undeniable that you have more chances of creating loyalty if clients feel that they have chosen modern accommodation.

4) Be different. This, really, is the idea behind all the previous points. It implies adding extra value to each guest’s stay. Remember though, that the ways actions are transmitted are just as important, or even more so, than the actions themselves. Therefore we must insist on the need to use a number of different channels to reach the clients. Today clients are better informed than ever before and, depending on the ratings, a social network presence and influence can make or break a hotel.

Along the same lines, Forrester points out, that contrary to popular opinion, a client’s loyalty or engagement, goes beyond them signing up for a loyalty program, that is just the tip of the iceberg.

The publication highlights that it is essential to attract the guest through a global experience. An experience that springs from the feeling of proximity that a company provides when they understand a client’s tastes; from the first point or contact to the final purchase or the departure from the establishment.

Idiso and Innwise are CRM specialists and we would like to help your hotel manage its client relationships through a platform that has been conceived to make the most of each of your commercial areas and can be fully adapted to your hotel’s needs.

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