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TripAdvisor: 15 years of user reviews for users


13 March 2015 at 9:00, by

TripAdvisor, Google Plus.

TripAdvisor, Google Plus.

It has exceeded all expectations. Not even the most optimist among us could have imagined, back when it was founded in a small office in Nedham, Massachusetts, back in the year 2000, that TripAdvisor today would boast the breath-taking figures of 315 million unique visitors every month and 200 million reviews of hotels, restaurants and various tourist attractions.

Presently it is the biggest travel website in the world, a reflection of the condition of a hotel’s online reputation, with a global traffic that is a lot higher than any other OTA. The truth is we cannot imagine choosing a hotel or somewhere to have a meal or a drink without checking this popular site. It is a process that has become routine, the recommendations of other travellers become a motivation, an inspiration or maybe a warning when it comes to making our choice.

I consider that the consumer uses TripAdvisor because of the variety of products presented on this site. I don’t think there is a legally established hotel, restaurant, bar or tourist attraction that does not have some mention on this platform. The website is also extremely user friendly and allows you to apply a series of logical filters to refine your search and quickly find an establishment that fits your requirements. It is a database of hotel and entertainment products that is constantly being enlarged and updated. The advantages for the consumer are obvious and very much appreciated.

However some hotelier’s don’t tend to have the same appreciation for the site. At times it is enough to mention the name TripAdvisor to a hotelier to ruin his day! While spontaneous outbursts are understandable on certain occasions, it is advisable that the hotelier does not let himself be blinded by isolated cases where he feels unjustly attacked.

The large majority of reviews tend to be positive, highlighting the values and virtues of our product. It is the best type of advertising a hotel can ever receive. And it’s free. Seen from this viewpoint, TripAdvisor is truly an excellent marketing platform for any hotel or restaurant. We just need to know how to make the best of a client’s comments, using each review to our advantage, answering the user appropriately.

Every answer provides the hotel a chance to positively influence all TripAdivsor readers, especially when answering a negative review. And, negative comments can be a key tool for hoteliers to uncover specific weaknesses that may have gone unnoticed in the hustle and bustle of daily operations.

On the other hand, it is undeniable that some client’s reviews are characterized by their irate subjectivity or even irrationality, but we must take into account that these are inherent features of human nature. What is really important in these cases is to know how to answer with complete rationality and a lack of passion. Professionalism is the key when answering public comments of our clients.

Having seen the growth of this company over these 15 years, the best thing a hotel can do is try to make the most of this site and trust that more and more potential clients will visit this website to obtain information before travelling.

At Innwise we assess your hotel’s Online Reputation Management, because we know how important sites like TripAdvisor are. The numbers say it all.


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