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Wearable device Users: make purchases with what you wear

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16 March 2015 at 9:00, by

Wearables, Google Plus.

Wearables, Google Plus.

The idea of making a purchase with a watch or bracelet is appealing to consumers. In fact, 4 out of 10 people claim that they would pay for an article using their wearable device.

More than that, it is estimated that by 2019, 478 millions users will access the Internet using their wearable device, for any purpose. This figure is four times higher than that of 2014 (109 million) and the estimated figure for 2015 (170 million).

This data appears in a recent report made by technological company Cisco Systems. Payments by mobiles are nothing new, but they could acquire a new dimension with this kind of device. According to Stratos, and the graph provided by eMarketer, even though the great majority of online purchases are made via mobiles, wearable devices are not left behind. According to the company, two of every three Americans state that they would prefer to make an in-store purchase using their wearable device and not their mobile.

Wearables payments,

Wearables payments,

On top of this, being able to make payments would increase the use of the wearable device. Half of those surveyed commented that they would use this kind of device more frequently if they could use it to make payments. These results contrast with the popularity of these devices in Spain, where 30% of the people surveyed know what a wearable or smart device is, but only 5% claim to have used one. However, 72% think the idea of connecting a smart accessory to their smart phone is very interesting and 73% consider that it is future technology that they will understand “one day”. These are the results of a Sony survey reported on the Gadgetos website.

One interesting fact is that women know a lot less about these items; 82% of women don’t even know what a wearable device is, compared with 55% of men. When it comes to age, the largest lack of knowledge appears to be among those who are between 40 and 50 years old, reaching 78%.

Men mainly use their wearable devices when they go running (29%); others use them to check alerts without having to take out their smartphone (20%). However, when it comes to women, one of every two mentions the main function of their wearable device is to receive calls.

There is no doubt that wearable devices are the here and now as well as the future as they have still got a lot to give. This is obvious when we see the lack of knowledge in our country regarding these devices, highlighted in the study.


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