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WhatsApp, a great marketing ally

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3 March 2015 at 11:18, by

WhatsApp, Google Plus.

WhatsApp, Google Plus.

This quintessential instant messaging application has accumulated more than 600 million users worldwide. Conversations, groups, voice messages, calls, photos, videos, all play a part in this platform that has become an essential part of our every day life.

The company knows this, as do others in all other sectors, which is why WhatsApp is becoming a marketing tool that is well worth considering.
Because of this, some months ago, WhatsApp Marketing was launched onto the market. The first platform that enables WhatsApp users to send mass messages, designed to increase conversion rates in each publicity or marketing campaign.
It also offers the possibility of creating a personalized contact list with mobile numbers of potential clients, and sending viral text messages with photos, images and videos to unlimited recipients. It’s clear that this is a new kind of communication between clients and companies, but it must be used with caution. Especially when it comes to privacy.

Therefore, it is recommendable to not abuse this resource and to always use appropriate language in the messages. If not, it can be easy to fall into intrusive habits, which instead of attracting and creating loyalty will annoy the client. A situation that the SH Hotels has managed to deal with remarkably. This hotel group, a client of Innwise, organized a competition last summer in which guests could share photographs of their stay in one of the SH hotels on Facebook. When it came to submitting the photos, WhatsApp was one of the channels allowed to enter the competition; the price was two nights for two adults and two children, staying half board, in any of their hotels.

In fact, 41% of the images SH received for the competition were through the instant messaging application. On seeing the success of this initiative, the Valencia based chain has continued to use WhatsApp as a strategic way to communicate with their clients. Hotel Barceló Illetas Albatros is another example in this regard. The adult only Hotel in Mallorca offers a “Whenever Wherever” service using WhatsApp. Clients are able to communicate with the hotel 24 hours a day for free.

On their arrival, guests receive a card with a phone number where they can send their messages. They can ask hotel staff for whatever they need, from a towel, to a recommendation of where to find the best night life. We could say it’s traditional room service but using WhatsApp.

All areas can use this well-known app and make the most of its dynamism and speed when it comes to client relations. They can even order ice cream while on the beach! This Frigo initiative can be seen along some of Alicante’s beaches. The company tested the service last year and placed a number of posters informing beach goers of the number where they could place their orders. In a few moments they received their ice cream, right to their towel.

WhatsApp is a global messaging service, to the degree that it has actually become weird for people to not have it. Its mass use gives hotels and all other kinds of companies a chance to modernize their service, to show that they are up to date with social reality, after all, a mobile without WhatsApp is not a mobile.

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