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Contact Centre training, key for better understanding

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17 April 2015 at 8:30, by

Contact Center, Google Plus.

Contact Center, Google Plus.

When we have to use a contact centre we want to be treated with empathy. The agents we talk with must be able be able to put themselves in our place and provide convincing answers. They can only do so if they receive adequate training and have a good sales pitch.

The specialized blog, Presenceco, speak about this subject, so the user does not give up, after explaining themselves over and over again, feeling that an agent does not have the sufficient training or information. To be able to develop a sales pitch that really works, it is important to understand consumer habits, user preferences and their demographic sector.

On top of all that, multichannel Contact Centres (phone, email, website, social media, SMS, etc.) face the challenge of maintaining a high quality of service while personalizing and optimizing the user’s experience through all the different communication channels. Scripts are the simple way to achieve efficient collaboration through the different channels.

They also increase the quality of service as they standardize and adapt the message to each client’s needs. Scripts help multichannel agents reduce the average call waiting time, improve the consumer’s experience and attract more potential clients.

Nowadays the best scripts are flexible and users without any technical know how can design and adjust them. What’s more, supervisors can write a list of arguments for specific campaigns or agents, and even personalize them, depending on geographic or demographic needs.

At the same time they allow supervisors to monitor the service development and see each individual campaign’s results, which can then be analysed normally or with specific reports for each campaign, agent, contact or subject dealt with.

The magazine Contact Centre, regarding the importance of training in this sector, echoes the challenge that constant innovation and new technology suppose for this industry; systems and tools that allow for attractive, practical specialized and personalized training for agents in this field. Technology and virtual training mean that, while working from different sites, agents can receive training that is the same in format and style.

And a tutor is able to detect where each agent is lacking and can provide ad hoc training that will help them improve their skills. Training teams are seen differently, not just as enablers but also as motivators. They must be able to make agents feel the importance of their skills.

Recruitment and selection processes must focus on searching for potential, not previous professional experience, as customer service needs are constantly changing and becoming more specialized.

In this regard, promotion to trainer, recycling the training team, calibration of service and innovation in content development are all processes that gain more importance daily.

At Idiso our Contact Centre keeps up to date with the times while training and working with the best professionals, who are well prepared to use the latest technology available in this area. A combination that has meant we have been awarded with the CRC Gold Award for the best Tourist Contact Centre for the 6th year.

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