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Eight trends for business tourism in 2015


29 April 2015 at 18:24, by

Meeting tourism, Google Plus.

Meeting tourism, Google Plus.

The the short and medium term aim of business tourism is to provide experiences that go beyond just meeting people, including an interchange of knowledge and opportunities, improving the interactions of those who make up this international segment.

Hotelmarketing has listed some elements that are essential to satisfy the demands of this niche in the market:

1) Return over experience comes into play. We know what Return over Investment (ROI) is; ROE refers to different factors, such as inspiration and adventure, coming together. In other words, offering experiences that go beyond the hotel’s four walls, adding a program of complementary activities that provide added value.

2) More “social” than ever: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are all closely linked to this kind of tourism. These platforms are very useful for broadcasting news to attendees. They also promote feedback from and between the participants before, during and after the event.

3) Good connectivity is essential. This kind of traveller needs to be able to access a quick reliable Wi-Fi network at all times. Normally travelling with more than one device, Internet access is essential for their work. One small fault in this area could have negative consequences on the establishment’s reputation.

4) Technology enables easy meetings. Thanks to the emergence of smartphones on the scene some years ago, there are now many more possibilities when holding these events. In some ways the localization is no longer important as they no longer need to be held in person. Tools like Facetime and Skype are two examples that allow for these changes.

5) Power to personalization! The times when business travellers were just offered standard packages belong to the past. Each convention is it’s own world, each appointment is different and hotels must know how to react to specific demands.

6) Wellbeing is a stand out factor. It could be the key to making your hotel stand out from the rest. This point covers from the room settings to certain menu details (catering for different food allergies and offering a healthy option are some examples).

7) Related to luxury. Many 5 star urban and boutique hotels are making the most of the surge in business tourism to stand out in this sector. This kind of experience is a great chance to show what a stay in the hotel can mean at all levels, where even the smallest detail is cared for.

8) The room is important. This is always one of the main conditioning factors when such an event is organized. It is essential that the rooms have good sound, are generously sized and enable communication between those taking part.

These trends are the perfect seasoning for a great business meeting. The World Tourism Organization defines this type of tourism as: “A general term that refers to a number of people meeting together in a certain place with the aim of organizing or carrying out a specific activity.

The term “meeting” and the above description applies to a gathering of 10 or more participants that occurs for at least four hours in a hired space. These meetings can be conventions, conferences, trade markets, exhibitions, incentives, business meetings and other meetings that meet the mentioned criteria”.

If your hotel offers this type of service remember these points, as businesses in this sector, Idiso and Innwise will keep you up to date with any news.




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