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Facebook holidays: virtual tours set to shake up the sector


15 April 2015 at 9:41, by

Facebook travel, Google Plus

Facebook travel, Google Plus

This popular social network, with its more than 1.2 billion users worldwide, wants to step into the future. One-dimensional photos are soon going to become history, giving way to virtual reality.

The company head of product development, Chis Cox, explained on the CNN Expansion website that, thanks to the incorporation of Oculus Rift, they are developing two beta versions of virtual reality glasses.

With one version users will be able to travel in the cockpit of a F/A-18 Hornet fighter jet, flying over Colorado with the Blue Angels, the US Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron.

The other version transports you to Mongolia where you can watch a woman cooking in a traditional tent, typical of the country’s rural community, or enjoy the view from the campfire. “Many people will never visit Mongolia, I’ve never been. It is beautiful, the first time you take the virtual trip you realize you are looking at the future,” he says.

People can also share their experiences on Facebook. Cox assures us that it adds another dimension to what people already share: photos, videos, words, ideas and thoughts.

This move by Mark Zuckerberg’s platform is part of the continual progress, that includes spending 2 billions dollars purchasing IVR Oculis, the creator of the glasses. The platform is proof of the kind of relationship that exists between their users and holidays. In fact holidays are what are most uploaded and shared on Facebook.

According to a Deloitte study, 70% of Facebook users in Spain highlight holidays as being among the main posts on their Facebook timeline, 84% claim that these shared experiences have encouraged them to visit previously unknown places and 89% say they are less worried when traveling somewhere that someone they know has recommended.

The company has pointed out in a release that their users never disconnect from the social network, even while on holiday, which to their mind is an opportunity for advertisers to channel their publicity.

Irene Cano, the general manager of Facebook Iberia states: “People inspire each other, they talk of their upcoming destinations, their holiday experiences and get tips from their Facebook friends. The tourist industry can use this passion to their advantage when creating advertising campaigns, making them a sure success.”

Facebook and holidays: a powerful symbiotic relationship. We already know it as the social network in which we want to make a record of our movements looking for recognition from friends and strangers. Could there be a better excuse than visiting a spectacular place to confirm this?


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