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Innovation in the travel industry: blink and you’ll miss it


9 April 2015 at 9:40, by

Innovation, Google Plus

Innovation, Google Plus

Ground breaking products, services and experiences available for demanding, non-conforming clients. In these changing times, the tourist sector is in the middle of a frenetic adaptation period, the question arises: is there an unfailing formula that will guarantee success?

Skift and Amadeus have got together to answer the question; here are three recommendations:

1) Innovation means offering something new. It involves adding something of value to guests’ trips and experiences. An aim that can only be reached if the hotel understands the client’s needs at all moments; from the very first search for a hotel until the end of their stay.

2) New technology should be viewed as an ally not an enemy. New systems and devices play an importent role when discovering, defining and improving what we offer our clients. Additionally, technological solutions allow industry professionals to provide full experiences, not just trips.

3) Balance and planning. Innovation, in any sector, requires time and money, two elements that may be hard to come by in one equation. According to Skift, the most reasonable option is to go for a total change, at all levels, that will ensure department interaction and long term support.

As an example of how to put these three points into practice correctly, Ibérica magazine, tells us of some of the techiest hotels in the world:

24inch iMacs for work or browsing. The Mama Shelter in Paris wants to stand out when offering what has become a common service, especially for business travellers.

Your room at the press of a button. There are various possibilities when accessing your room without a key. One of these is to use your iPhone, another option is a scanner at the door, and this option is used in the Nine Zero Hotel in Boston, now you will not be able to loose your key. And when you leave the room the sensors can turn off the lights, and turn them on again when you return. A silent bell alerts hotel staff when the room is empty and ready to be cleaned.

An end to the“Please do not Disturb ”sign. This classic sign will progressively be replaced by a system where guests can activate this option at the touch of a button.

- Video games; another enticement. These are considered an added extra in High Tech hotels. These hotels tend to offer guests different video gaming platforms with the latest games, some establishments, like the 1000 In Seattle, even allow guests to play virtual golf or bowling in the specially adapted suites.

-The bathroom, innovation galore. Another innovation in these establishments is including a television screen in the bathroom mirror, like at the JW Marriot Marquis in Miami, which also has a heater to prevent the glass steaming up. Staying in the bathroom, we have to highlight the London Hotel Ecleston Square, with intelligent glass panels that allow the guest to adjust the bathroom’s privacy settings. Under normal circumstances the glass is transparent, but when the guest wants to they can turn it opaque by just pressing a button.

The hotel industry is in constant movement investigating, exploring and executing new ideas all the time, but it does not have the luxury of making too many mistakes, this could cost it dearly. At Idiso we are experts in hotel tech, and we can ensure that your hotel offers the best services.


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