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Amazon destinations: hotel bookings for weekend getaways


28 May 2015 at 9:30, by

Amazon Destinations, Google Plus.

Amazon Destinations, Google Plus.

Would you like to switch off and unwind for a few days? The quintessential electronic commerce company has the solution: Amazon Destinations. The company, which was founded by Jeff Bezos, has launched this booking site, which at the moment is only available for accommodation located in certain areas of the United States.

Skift has also reported on this and points out that the new website is presently included in Amazon Local, but in the future could form part of another of the company’s platforms. The areas where they offer hotel rooms are aimed at weekend getaways, there are five destinations in the northwest, along the Pacific coast, four in Southern California and eight in the north of the country.

Amazon’s spokesperson Tim Cook claims that the launch of Amazon Destinations on the market is aimed at enabling short stays. “We have created Amazon Destinations to solve some of the problems travellers commonly face: like how to easily plan and book a local getaway”. You see “more than 40% of domestic leisure trips in the United States are short, from one to three nights, and many are to destinations that are within driving distance”.

He comments “travellers often find it difficult to plan this sort of local trip. It’s hard to know where to go, it can be a tedious process, and they loose too much time looking for a good hotel”.

Based on Cooks words we can perfectly understand Amazon Destination’s slogan “Hit the road: book local getaways”. It’s also worth remembering that they don’t offer flights and that the leitmotif of this tool, adapted to all devices, is short car trips.

Amazon Destinations also allows travellers to access comments on TripAdvisor, at the moment some 200 million, but they are working on increasing the number of reviews from individual users on, chains, independent hotels, B&Bs, etc.

Regarding its business model, it has opted for the long-term strategy of flexible rates rather than big discounts. Amazon wants their intermediary relationship with the hotels to go on for a long time, so it will be applying a standard commission system. This way there are more chances of a hotel having stable occupancy all year round, not just during the periods when hoteliers lower their prices to enable room sales.

The arrival of Amazon Destinations is the confirmation of a subject that had been discussed since the end of last year: Amazon’s entry into the hotel industry. The giant of electronic commerce is in a diversification phase, as this launch proves. In short, another player on the scene of hotel distribution that, considering its influence in other areas, is going to be the subject of many a discussion.




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