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Apple Watch: bookings for travellers and an opportunity for brands

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4 May 2015 at 10:12, by

Apple Watch Booking Now, Google Plus.

Apple Watch, Booking Now, Google Plus.

You can find over 625.000 establishments in 75.000 unique destinations with a simple search using your Apple Watch, which also allows users to install applications to check their bookings.

This is the purpose of Booking Now, the new app from Booking. This tool allows travellers to almost instantaneously manage the main aspects of their bookings with just a slide of the finger, thanks to the new Apple Watch glance function. Other features include the possibility of saving the location of the accommodation you have booked, as well as providing step-by-step directions to help you get there quickly.

And, because the watch stores your room number during your whole stay, there is no chance of forgetting which room you are in. It also allows you to evaluate your general experience when checking in to the hotel.’s Principal Designer, Stuart Frisby, assures us that “the Booking Now app for Apple Watch has been created to satisfy the ever growing preference for spontaneous, a la carte trips. It offers a simple experience, which adapts to each user, and is backed up by the most personalized computer tech developed to date”.

The emergence of this and other similar wearable devices implies new challenges at all levels, for all sectors. According to a study made by Juniper Research, the investment into advertising via Smart watches will reach 68,9 million dollars in 2019.

Therefore new advertising formats must all comply with a series of technical specifications and strategies. They must also take into account that the main reasons people use this device all have one common feature: brevity.

Checking the time or social network alerts, or seeing who’s calling will be the most common. So brands will need to fight hard to capture the audience’s attention.

But remember, a smart watch screen is a lot smaller than that of other devices, so advertisers must adapt their publicity to this small space.

Therefore, when trying to adapt campaigns to these devices, one factor is essential, consumer trust. The battle of the brands in this new medium will include mass commercialization, which can only be achieved if the users trust their device.

This way the consumer will view any advertising through this device in a positive light, even though they don’t have much time to check it out. New devices, new formats and new business opportunities for those who can adapt to the features of this watch, which does so much more than just tell the time.


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