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Digital disruption: prompting innovation in call centres


20 May 2015 at 9:33, by

Digital Disruption, Google  Plus.

Digital Disruption, Google Plus.

While interacting with our clients on a daily basis we see new trends, technology and consumer habits. The term “disruption” implies a sudden break away from what is established, to take a step forward, even without knowing how consumers will receive the changes. The implementation of multichannel strategies in the world of client service is a clear example of this.

The Presenceco blog proposes that digital disruption is an opportunity for those within the sector. The birth of social networks and new devices that allow for different methods of voice communication, means that a new generation of intercommunicated clients are adapting to these means, using them to submit their complaints and claims or to simply find out more about a product or service.

This trend is considered disruptive, as it is slowly becoming a necessary strategy to reach the new generation of customers, who in the future could completely abandon voice communication.

Another sample of disruption that is helping companies to innovate is the development of the brands’ own apps to communicate with their users. These are being created to be installed on Smartphones, tablets, etc. and improve the user’s experience, allowing them to interact with the company whenever they want to.

The Contact Centre industry should see this phenomenon as a chance to adapt to consumer habits of this new generation of clients. It is imperative, with digital disruption, to create flexible business models, and above all, to align organizational processes with the aim of guaranteeing a better experience for consumers at all levels.

The new technological developments are encouraging a series of changes that will have a direct impact, both by action or omission, on organizations’ financial results, and therefore their future.

In fact, an MIT study (Sloan Review, MIT 2013) echoed by Oracle, shows that 44% of company directors consider that the digital trend will have a considerable impact, helping to improve client experience, 30% consider that it will help improve operational efficiency and 26% believe it will help create new business models.

Even more interesting is the fact that 73% of company directors consider their companies already have a digital strategy in place, but only 19% feel that their organizations have all the needed tech to implement their strategy properly.

Our Idiso Contact Centre department is keeping abreast with any changes in the industry, because we know that disruption equals opportunity, opportunity to continue growing and being acknowledged by the industry and our clients.



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