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Hotel surveys: the briefer the better


13 May 2015 at 9:30, by

Satisfaction Survey, Google Plus

Satisfaction Survey, Google Plus

It has become a habit among professionals in this sector to want to know their client’s opinions regarding the quality of products and services offered at a hotel.

How can this be achieved? Well-used surveys are a great asset. But to be effective a survey must be two things: brief and to the point.

Based on a guide published by TrustYou, an Innwise Online Reputation Management partner, this is a good time to point out that when formulating questions these should be precise and not too long. Surveys should also guarantee the anonymity of those taking part. This way those answering will feel no pressure. Guests do not expect to fill in forms at the hotel and then hand them in personally to the receptionist!

The present standard in the hotel industry is to use electronic surveys, generally these are sent to the client some days after their checkout. It’s important to remember that there is no point in copying word for word the questionnaire that used to be left in the room in paper format, as these were known for being longwinded, having endless questions and options, and often referring to services and areas of the hotel the client hadn’t even used.

Electronic surveys must be brief, dealing only with key matters or services. As they are electronic they can be updated at any time, removing questions that are no longer crucial to hotel management, replacing them with more relevant questions. In the past this would have meant getting rid of all the printed copies and making new ones. 

We have learnt from experience that the maximum amount of questions in a post stay electronic survey should be 10. Whenever we have increased the number of questions the answer ratio has rapidly decreased. Remember that the client is generally happy to answer these surveys as long as it does not take up too much of their time. Therefore it is important to mention in the introduction how many questions there are or how long the survey should take to complete.

I personally have found digital surveys with more than 40 questions, some of which would be really trivial from a customer’s viewpoint, and after all, they are the ones who are answering. Some surveys remind us of school exams. I always recommend hotel managers to remember that our client’s time is as precious as our own. The more precise and brief a survey, the more chances there are that our clients will answer them. 

At Innwise we are Online Reputation Management experts, we offer our hotelier clients advice to deal with all kinds of opinions and answer any client complaints efficiently.



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