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Keys for innovation in the hotel industry


22 May 2015 at 8:30, by

Innovation, Google Plus.

Innovation, Google Plus.

Innovation is defined as “creating or modifying a product and introducing it into the market”. In the tourist sector, the supply of new products is closely linked to the dichotomy formed by the product-service duo.

But, what can we base any improvements we offer to clients before, during and after their stay on?

The specialized publication Supply Management, considers that innovation in the hotel industry must meet these five requirements:

1) Business Intelligence. These systems allow professionals in the field to monitor all the daily processes of an accommodation establishment; this can imply medium and long-term savings.

2) Listen to your client’s needs. This point mainly concerns the need improve the booking engine. Especially any that are difficult to use or have quality and availability issues. All users now expect the booking process to be quick, to be over in just a few steps and accessible on any device.

3) Content is important. A hotel’s level or reputation is no longer just based on indicators such as price competitiveness or location. There are many more factors that now come into play. One of them – possibly the most important – is content, the information a client can find about the hotel on its website. A hotel’s website is its presentation letter. The more elaborate it is the more chances the hotel will turn visits into bookings. To reach this final step many elements have a role, such as the website’s visual appal (including photo gallery, videos, etc.) and correct optimization so users can access it easily through any device (PC, mobile, tablet), known as responsive design.

4) Technology, a standout feature. Most of those in the sector have by now realized that all clients, and particularly business clients, appreciate when a hotel has the latest technology, enabling clients to be connected at all times. Other tools such as mobile keys also set hotels apart from the competition, as it will be a long time before these are implemented everywhere.

5) Hotels that double up as offices. As briefly explained in the last point, business travellers tend to make the most of the connection in their room, or other work stations, to keep up to date with their business dealings. This is confirmed by a study carried out by HRS; 75% of this client segment in the United Kingdom will make business deals or carry out other work related tasks from their hotel. Therefore, Supply Management recommends hoteliers to opt for more meeting halls and co working areas.

At Idiso we are specialists in technology that applies to hotel distribution, we work hard to offer our clients the tools they need to make sure the products and services they offer are always up to date.

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