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Tripadvisor and Booking comments on Apple Maps

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8 May 2015 at 8:40, by

Apple Island, Google Plus

Apple Island, Google Plus

The map application belonging to the world’s most famous Apple aims to keep improving. To do so, a few days ago, it started adding TripAdvisor and Booking comments about hotels, a function that was already enabled in Yelp.

This feature is a supplement to the localization tool and identifies with an undeniable trend of modern travellers: checking out other users comments before deciding which hotel to book.


Apple hasn’t officially confirmed that it has added TripAdvisor and Booking as partners, but it seems evident that this is the case as the images show. This action will strengthen the relationship between the multinational computer company and the travel industry.

The introduction of Apple Pay into the Marriot Chain is further proof of this. The gradual roll out of the service will start this summer in the United States and will include hotels such as The Ritz-Carlton, Edition, Renaissance Hotels and Marriot Hotels in prominent locations around the country.

Guests will be able to use their iPhone6, iPhone 6 Plus or Apple Watch when checking in, with no need to provide a credit card. The device will respond with a vibration and sound alert, to confirm that the payment data has been captured safely. Marriot already has a smartphone app that was launched un 2013 that guests can use to check in and out as well as to find a booking.

Some Marriot Hotels also have an app guests can use for room service, allowing them to chat in real time with hotel staff to request extra towels, or to make restaurant reservations for example.

The company also aims to release an application for Apple Watch, which Marriot Reward members will be able to use to check-in in advance, to receive alerts when their room is ready and to check-out.

The Marriot’s Digital’s vice-president, George Corbin, states that “about 75% of our guests travel with one or more mobile devices, even more for those aged between 25 and 35, this group will make up a larger percentage of our guests within the next three years”.

This option makes the whole booking process easier for guests when using a mobile device. Speed is one of the features that today’s hyper connected travellers value the most, so this is a growing dynamic. Online comments and mobile bookings, two of the pillars of the hotel industry with which Apple aims to keep setting the trend.


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