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Why incorporate TripConnect and Instant Booking into your hotel?

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11 May 2015 at 9:54, by

Idiso is a TripAdvisor premium pñartner

Idiso is a TripAdvisor premium pñartner

It is now possible to make bookings using TripAdvisor, there are two very efficient tools, TripConnect and Instant Booking, which your hotel can use to compete against other intermediaries. What are the differences between them and what advantages does each one have?

Firstly, regarding the commission per hotel booking, they both use the payment method; the difference lies in the way they charge the hotel for their services. Instant Booking is based on commission per booking (CPA, cost per acquisition) but Trip Connect is a CPC system (cost per click) which establishes a set fee each time the direct booking button on your hotel’s website is clicked.


Reservas con Instant Booking

Bookings with Instant Booking

Trip Connect CPC works similar to Google Adwords, which uses a bidding system where you decide how much you pay per click. Another advantage is that the bookings are made through your website. But you will have to pay for each click, whether the client proceeds with the booking or not. And your hotel’s position in the search results depends on your bid as well as other portals and travel agencies. It is not as optimized as Adwords that rewards the advert’s quality; it is more a question of how much you are willing to pay for that click.

TripConnect CPC idiso

Bookings with Tripconnect CPC

Instant Booking, on the other hand, establishes a 12% (if you want to appear once in every four searches) or 15% (if you want to appear once in every two searches) commission per booking. The Instant Booking advert will always appear at the top. In this case, the booking is made within the TripAdvisor website and your advert is shown with the meta-search engine’s image (see below).

Both options allow for real time synchronization with your hotel’s booking engine, rates and availability. The booking details are saved in the establishments management system.

How can you optimize TripAdvisor Campaigns?

Firstly you will need optimized integration as this affects how the advert is shown, especially with CPA adverts. TripAdvisor warns in their blog: “If your connectivity partner is not showing up available in the search (even when other distribution channels are) your establishment will now show up under “Book in TripAdvisor”. Visits will be directed to your other distribution channels”.

Idiso Hotel Distribution is a Premium TripAdvisor Partner and has plenty of experience both when it comes to integrating with the meta-search engine and with real time dialogue with the Idiso booking engine, a technologically advanced booking engine that adapts to all screens and boasts the latest in availability calendars.

Having an interesting offer is another basic factor that will help you make the best of your TripAdvisor campaign. “If your rates are not competitive in comparison with your establishment’s other distribution channels, it will not show up in the “Book with TripAdvisor” search. This is because we want to make sure that all travellers have the best experience possible when booking, and this includes offering them the best rates”, explains TripAdvisor Insights.

Innwise offers training, advice and outsourcing of revenue management services, all personally adapted to each hotel or chain’s needs so as to make the most possible out of your inventory.



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