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Four tips to win over Chinese tourists


23 June 2015 at 9:30, by

Chinese travelers, Google Plus

Chinese travelers, Google Plus

As a song by the Skarabajos says, if the Chinese were to dance the ska, the world would crack. With a population of more than 1.3 billion, to ask them all to dance to the Jamaican rhythm would be taking a bit of a risk!

What we do know about the Chinese is how generous they are when travelling. For example, last year alone in Madrid they spent an average of 1.400 euros while shopping.

The tourist sector aims to offer this kind of traveller who loves splendour and luxury, a product that is well adapted to their needs. Therefore Ehotelier provides us with four things to bear in mind when attempting to seduce our oriental visitors:

1) Offer authentic experiences. They travel over 8.000 km with the aim of enjoying their trip to the full. These trips are not common, they are quite an event and they expect rooms that meet up to their high expectations.

2) Prestige and exclusivity are non-negotiable. This point is linked to the last one as it involves offering all kinds of activities that provide added value. This would include from gastronomy to any type of cultural event. Any reviews they may make have a multiplying value as they, like so many other millions of tourists, share these on the social networks.

3) Mobile strategy. Ehotelier tells us that 618 million Chinese people access the Internet using their smart phones or tablets, and 55% book their rooms using these devices. This percentage is not surprising as calculations say that there are more than 1 billion users of these devices in the country. This means that it is essential for hotel websites to be responsive.

4) Generational gap. The publication confirms the differences between the younger and older traveller. Young ones are a lot more connected, checking for what other tourists have to say online. The second group however tend to book their holiday through a traditional travel agency and tend to be more concerned when it comes to the price.

Once they have decided to pack their bags and embark on a trip to Europe, shopping is their favourite pastime, Efe Empresas explains how this makes Madrid and Barcelona two very popular destinations. Last year, our capital city was third on the list of where the Chinese spent the most money, with an average of nearly 1400 euros per shopping trip, this is an increase of 30,2%, leaving them just behind London with 1599 euros and Paris with 1874 euros.

Barcelona was the city where Chinese tourists most increased their spending during 2014, specifically by 69,4%, the study attributes this growth to the new line that opened mid 2014 providing a direct connection between Barcelona and Shanghai. Barcelona has increased its traditional textile offer to include other sectors such as jewellery; the average expenditure in jewellery and watches by Chinese tourists in the city increased by 45.8%, to 5105 euros.

Travellers from the Asian giant represent a great opportunity for business, but their non-conformism and demanding nature mean that satisfying them can be a challenge that is even harder than learning to dance the ska.


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