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2 June 2015 at 15:35, by

Smart mirror, Starwood Hotels, Google Plus.

Smart mirror, Starwood Hotels, Google Plus.

Making guests’ stay easier, offering quality service and an innovative experience for guests. The best way to meet these three requirements is to use the latest tech in your hotel. That is how you can stand out from the rest.

Hotel News Now reflects on the importance of hotels using all available tech. Today’s traveller is always connected and constantly interacting, placing importance on satisfactory and novel experiences rather than other more classic indicators such as the price. In other words they are willing to pay more if the experience is worthwhile.

Experience is a very broad term, especially when used in this industry as it covers the whole process: before, during and after the client’s stay in the hotel. But it is a dominating trend; therefore, the sector must adapt what is on offer to this profile. For example, according to the article, free Wi-Fi is now an absolute must, the same as shower gel and toothpaste. It also points out that the logical progression of hotel tech is heading towards automation.

In the not to distant future, guests will be able to go from the lobby to their room without stopping at the reception desk, a very normal process for travellers all over the world, but one that can be rather tedious.

Along the same line of following a clearly technological approach to services and products, the Starwood Hotels chain is working on some improvements, like robot butlers or intelligent mirrors where clients can check the weather forecast, the news or sporting event scores, among other things, from their room.

Mashable also mentions this news and assures us that the hotel group also plans to incorporate virtual Oculus Rift glasses into their fitness centres, making working out more fun. Regards the robot butlers, Starwood Hotels’ plan is to integrate Apple’s voice recognition system, so in essence you will be able to say ”Siri, tell the robot to bring me a drink”.

On the other hand, improved technology is closely linked to sustainability. Therefore the chain is checking out automated light control systems as well as solar chargers for mobile devices, which work thanks to energy provided by a sunshade that captures the sunlight.

Starwood Hotels have not set a specific date for launching these new services, but Mashable mentions that they might start appearing in their hotels towards the end of this year. Hotels that bring the future to today, thanks to the magic that is technology.

At Idiso we are specialists when it comes to applying the latest tech to hotel distribution and we work hard to offer all our clients the needed tools to make sure their products and services are always up to date.


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