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What do travellers value the most when booking via the direct channel?


30 June 2015 at 11:36, by

Direct Hotel Booking, Google Plus.

Direct Hotel Booking, Google Plus.

Slow processes and limited availability, photos that play a secondary role on the hotel’s website, or prices displayed in the wrong currency are just some of the elements that need to be avoided when trying to boost direct bookings.

Triptease, a partner of Idiso since the launch of Pricecheck, has recently published the results of an analysis that considers what all travellers look for when booking their stay through the direct channel. The research is all recorded in the e-book “Get a room: eight things people want when booking a hotel”.

The eight factors travellers consider essential when booking on the hotel’s website, and that aren’t always taken into account are:

1) Simplicity, brevity and clarity. 94% of those interviewed have recently given up on an online booking, 29% of these because of factors to do with the system itself. Based on this, Triptease’s CEO, Charlie Osmond, assures us: “Our study proved that people want to book directly if the process is easy and intuitive. There are many hotel pages that offer clients a fabulous experience. The future has arrived, even if is distributed slightly unevenly. Showing the clients what they want to see is the first step”.

2) Photos, photos and more photos. Images are a key component that can highlight the strong points of any hotel. And, the report shows their relevance during the booking process, especially as a means to make possible guests form a mental image of a certain establishment. Hence, 70% of the study’s participants mentioned that one of the first things they check are the photos.

3) The more availability the better. 71% of those surveyed agreed that showing prices for other days, close to the ones they have selected is useful. Additionally this larger range in dates gives a feeling of transparency, as we perceive that the client isn’t just bothered about showing the rates.

4) Prices adapted to each client’s currency to avoid frustration. 53% of users feel that not seeing their currency when in the middle of a booking process can cause disappointment, unease and confusion. Idiso’s booking engine does not have this problem as it is available in 24 languages and is multicurrency.

5) Transparency breeds calmness. It is advisable to show users how much they have saved with the direct booking; this puts them at ease and guarantees that they have found the best offer.

6) The value of extras. 68% of those surveyed appreciates when the hotel shows any benefits, discounts or additional services that are available during the booking process on their website. In other words, go beyond offering just a room.

7) Much more than a transaction. Booking confirmation shouldn’t be the last step of the process. The hotel can send appreciation emails or a link to its loyalty scheme. This will help create or strengthen the hotel-guest relationship.

8) Book while connected to Facebook. 26% of those participating stated that they would book a room through their Facebook account.




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