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16 June 2015 at 9:35, by

Espejo puzzle, Google Plus.

Mirror, Google Plus.

Any hotel’s website should seduce visitors. A good first impression is essential and can be definitive in this market with so many variables.

Users that access a hotel’s website should be able to capture the hotel and brand’s essence, and be convinced to book their stay in that hotel.

Ehotelier delves into this subject, giving some tips so hoteliers can make the most out of their website, converting visits into bookings:

1) Global clarity and meaning. This will make the possible client’s browsing experience satisfactory. It goes without saying that it must cover all devices (PC, smartphones and tablets). In other words responsive design is absolutely essential to guarantee optimal usability. In this regards it is also advisable to evaluate the website’s different versions using A/B Testing, this way we can discover exactly what changes need to be made and what things can be left the same. And we can’t forget items such as images and text, there’s no point having a website that adapts to all the different devices if the images or text don’t entice visitors to book or don’t detail the hotels products and services accurately.

2) The importance of the home page. It is the first thing the visitor will see so it must be potent, convincing and enticing. It is helpful to make booking buttons that are clearly visible and stand out on the page. Links to the hotel’s social network profiles will help transmit a perception of modernity, connection to reality, favouring interaction with both confirmed and potential guests. We must also thoroughly check the website for broken links as these give visitors the impression that the hotel is disinterested.

3) Content. As briefly mentioned in the first point, content is a basic part of web design. If what the hotel has doesn’t entice clients there won’t be much success when converting visits into bookings. On the other hand, interesting information, presented in video or other such formats, can be a call to action that is worth considering when trying to win visitors over. Positive comments from other users about their stay can also encourage bookings, so these are a good resource when trying to give clients, specially the most indecisive, that final push.

At Innwise we remain alert to any innovation in the field of website design. And configuring and optimizing hotel websites for mobile devices is one of our specialities.

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