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Transformation of the Social networks: changes that are on the horizon

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25 August 2015 at 6:00, by

Social Media, Google Plus.

Social Media, Google Plus.

These platforms are essential for our interaction with our close circle of friends and favourite brands. Every company knows that if they do not have a social media profile it is as if they are invisible, therefore they aim to consolidate their brand on the web and be innovative at the same time. But how can they do this? Among other innovations, 3D videos, and the use of hybrid content marketing will change the rules of play.

Simply Measured delved into this universe of social trends and defined a scenario where we find:

1) 3D videos. Their rapid development and undeniable visual strength makes them an essential item when proposing new ways to promote content. In this field we can obviously include virtual reality that integrates perfectly into this environment. We have already enjoyed 2D experiences with games such as Second Life.

2) Visual monitoring. In other words: what is the user trying to say with this image? Monitoring will not just gather messages and written comments. The offer will expand and companies will have to remain vigilant. This will mean there will be more ways to get to know their audiences too.

3) Hybrid content. According to the Simply Measure report, social networks are so strong that each one has its own particularities. Therefore content must be adapted to each platform.

4) Commercial nucleus. A Hootsuite analysis reinforces the importance of Social Media as a market place, for this year and years to come. They have all tried out different payment methods aiming to become the next digital wallet. Facebook and Twitter were the first to incorporate buttons that controlled the consumer’s purchase, but they are not alone, over the last few months we have witnessed a race among the social networks experimenting with these features. This sets a pattern for the near future and an emerging trend. Something that could also be used to bury, once and for all, the myth that “social networks are no good for selling”.

5) Privacy, as Hootsuite points out, it is the main bone of contention between companies and users. Privacy is a prickly subject among Internet users who are more informed about the subject every day. The problem is that absolute privacy is impossible, and this clashes with the rising desire for complete anonymity.

6) Smart devices. The growth of items adapted to the Internet means that many realities, which were on the margin of social networks, are suddenly a social element. From the fridge that can tweet what we are eating to plants that tell you how they are feeling, and all thanks to these new smart devices. It would seem that there are no limits to hyper connectivity.



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