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What defines a muppy?


4 August 2015 at 6:00, by

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muppies, Google Pus.

We live under the cool influx of posturing. This means that we discover new names for generations of users every week. So among the dad bods, the sexy fat, the hipsters, the millenials and the yuppies, we salute the muppies, the result of the fusion of these last two.

It was North American writer Michele Miller, in her book The Underwriting, who first coined the term; it includes youths between 25 and 35. The group that comes from joining the millenials and the yuppies has the following features:

1) The Internet is their habitat. They are at home on the net because they lived through the maximum splendour of the Discman and the MP3, as well as the early days of Messenger’s instant messaging. A very techie lifestyle that they continue today, using smartphones, tablets and other devices. They also diligently share all their experiences on social networks, platforms where they, the same as any other user, aim to be recognised and followed.

2) Healthy living. They don’t spend their lives calorie counting, but they do look after themselves well. Ecological products are a mainstay of their diet, and physical exercise is important to them. In fact running is one of their great passions. A hobby where they use all kind of wearables to control how far they have run, their heart beat, calories burnt etc.

3) Muppies are cultured people, educated in many different areas. They view life as a compendium of experiences from which they can learn valuable lessons, both in the professional and personal fields. This vital attitude is behind their preference for spontaneous planning over other more planned activities. Even though this is not always the case as they tend to focus their work towards a common aim: start up businesses that will take up a lot of their time but that, in the end, will fulfil their dreams.

4) Eagar to be a social influence. Compared to the first section, this point refers to the fact that their influence, in the global village that is known as the Internet, can open the doors at all levels. The first step is to become an influencer. Grazia’s Michelle Miller claims: “Achieve social influence and the rest will follow. Why pay for your own private jet when you can convince a company to let you fly for free just for telling your 10000 Instagram followers what a great company it is?”

So now we know the muppies better we just need to confirm if we are are a member of this latest generation or not. What will next group to emerge on the scene be?



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